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White Elephant Gifts Under $20

Buying White Elephant gifts is one of the funnest holiday experiences. There’s something about buying a quality gift or gag gift that makes us all jittery inside.

How will the person react when they open your gift? Should you buy a thoughtful gift or use this as the perfect opportunity to re-gift something? The suspense is addicting!

If you’re unsure of what type of gift to bring to your next White Elephant exchange, don’t worry about it. We took the liberty of handpicking different White Elephant gifts so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Read on and give the best White Elephant gift at your next Holiday party!


Funny White Elephant Gifts

A White Elephant Gift exchange is one of the only places where you can give an outrageous and funny gift, so use this moment to your full advantage.  There has to be that one person who brings a crazy gift and this is your year to be that person!

Surprise someone with one of these bizarre but hilarious gifts.  These gifts aren’t too crazy where people won’t like them. They’re just the right amount of kooky that will draw a belly laugh and surprised face from whoever gets one of these presents.

White Elephant gifts

Face Mug

White Elephant gifts

Funny Lazy Tea Infuser

White Elephant gifts

Hats for Cats




Cute White Elephant Gifts

If you prefer to give gifts that will cause your friends, co-workers or family members to say “aww” and get googly eyes, then pick from our cute White Elephant gifts!  Each one of these gifts are affordable, cute and sweet. Whoever picks your gift will be the luckiest person at the party!

White Elephant gifts

Bottlelight Cork

White Elephant gifts

Faux Cactus Plants

White Elephant gifts

Donut Cork Coasters




Useful White Elephant Gifts

If you consider yourself a practical person and appreciate practical gifts, then give one of these fun and useful gifts!  One of the drawbacks of White Elephant is getting a gift that you don’t really like or need.  Play it safe and give your pal a gift that they can use every day!

White Elephant gifts

Cartoon Character Bowl

White Elephant gifts

Mushroom Farm

White Elephant gifts

Bar Bones Cocktail Shaker




Random But Cool White Elephant Gifts

Use this fun holiday game to give a fun, novelty gift that people  want, but would never buy.  Any person would appreciate and like these gifts.  Stand out from the crowd and make someone’s Christmas dreams come true!

White Elephant gifts

Salt & Pepper Bots

White Elephant gifts

Merica Bulletproof Glass

White Elephant gifts

30 Day Challenge



For more fun Christmas game gift ideas check out our Secret Santa Gift Guide!

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