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Hottest Gifts Under $50

With the introduction of new collections in our mobile app, we’ve decided to bring you a quick guide to some of the hottest gifts under $50 that we can’t get enough of. All of these products have been carefully chosen and thoroughly tested by all of us in the office so we can say with confidence that these are some of the best items that we have to offer you. For our under $50 selection, we have some of what could be considered our “flagship” products. Many of these items are from long-time partners who have been with us since the beginning. Two of them can also be found in the Hottest Gadgets under $50 guide. All of them are unique and special gifts that embody what we believe to be Apollo Box.

Cute and Cozy Clothing Items: $30 – $45

These cute and cozy clothing items are great for people who dream of being a unicorn or just want to cuddle up in something adorable and warm. Soft, pink, and plush, the unicorn slippers and PJs are perfect for the cold winter months. The Butta Handwarmers are another favorite of ours and are great for staying cozy in the office. Part of our Stylish Winter Gear guide, these three are a great deal at under $50 each. You can even play with the unicorn slippers in augmented reality using our app.

Wireless USB Toast Handwarmers

Magicorn Hood

get cozy

Narwhal USB Heated Slippers

Dragon Light up Slippers

Unicorn Pajamas

Unicorn USB Heated Slippers

Wei Chocolates: $32

You love chocolate. We love chocolate too. When a box of these Wei Dark Chocolates found their way into our office, they didn’t last very long! Each bite is like a present for your tongue. They come in a variety of flavors and are not too sweet, but not too bitter. For a true chocolate lover, you can’t do much better than Wei Chocolates. Part of our Delicious and Nutritious Treat guide.

Wei Love Dark Chocolates

Wei Joyful Dark Chocolates

Wei Inspired Salt Dark Chocolate

All the Wei Dark Chocolate

Marimo Aquatic Terrarium Kits: $25 – $30

Marimo Kits are beautiful terrariums that come with little green algae plants called Marimo, which are said to bring you good luck. These Kits are breathtaking to look at and easy to assemble, and at well under $30, they’re a great decoration for anyone’s home. Part of our Beautiful Terrarium guide.

Marimo Aquarium Kit (Metal Stand)

Marimo Tri-Foot Aquarium Kit

Marimo Aquarium Kit (Angel Set of 2)

Marimo Footed Aqua Terrarium Gift Set

ELFY Smart Lamp: $49.99

EMIE’s ELFY Smart Light is a great looking touch-based lamp that oozes with personality and charm. His squishy exterior and cute eyes are reminiscent of Betamax from Big Hero 6. He changes to all sorts of different colors by tapping him or downloading his smartphone app. We spoke with EMIE to learn the story behind ELFY . We created an augmented reality game called ELFY GO to give you a chance to win one.  We told you about him in our Hottest Tech Deals because for $50, ELFY is the best friend you never knew you needed.

hottest gifts under 50


Magic Color Ball: $36.99

The Magic Color Ball isn’t too complex. When you turn it on, it pulses in a beautiful 8 color light show while playing music. The speaker quality is quite good for an affordable and attractive speaker. It stands out visually and performs admirably for its price. It’s extremely lightweight, portable, and features a high capacity battery, so it’s great for everyday use. If you’re looking for a reliable everyday Bluetooth speaker, you can’t go wrong with the Magic Color Ball. Part of our Hottest Tech Deals.

hottest gifts under 50

Magic Color Ball

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