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Great Gifts Under $25

Here at Apollo Box, we love finding beautiful, colorful, and charming products to share with you. With the introduction of new collections in our mobile app, we’ve decided to bring you a quick guide to some of our greatest gifts under $25. All of them are unique and special gifts that embody our mission to bring happiness to people through our products.

Spray the Bitch Away (& other Sprays): $18.50 – $19.50

As soon as these products hit our shelves, our sarcastic, cynical side came out and we fell in love. It seems that everyone else did too, as they flew off the shelves as quickly as they came in! These aromatic sprays smell surprisingly pleasant despite their funny names and are a great way to stay fresh and invigorated throughout your day.

Spray the Bitch Away

Study Buddy Spray

Hippie Go Lucky

Carry On Cocktail Kits

Perfect for air traveling, these small trip kits include all the components necessary to create a pair of cocktails for you to enjoy on your flight.

Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit

Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit

Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit


Mythical Creature Ambient Lights: $17 – $20

Uni, Orochi, and the Nari are some of our most popular and attractive items in our store. Much more useful than you’d expect, these small battery-powered lights give off an ambient glow that’s great for trips to the washroom at night. Especially great as a gift for kids or anyone who’s a bit timid in the dark, the soft glow is very gentle on the eyes. Part of our Early-Bird Gift guide.

UNI Unicorn Ambient Light

Orochi Dragon Ambient Light

Nari Narwhal Ambient Light







Pressed Leaf Necklace: $17.98 – $19.98

These natural necklaces are presented in a beautiful pendant and sealed in with resin. Each is handcrafted and pressed into a paper-like form before being encased into the pendant. Great as a thoughtful and heartfelt gift.

Pressed Four Leaf Necklace

Natural Leaf Pendant Necklace

Pressed Flower Necklace

Shoots and Ladders Game: $22.99

This fun and wild Shoots and Ladders Shot Glass drinking game is a great way to take your party to the next level. Fill it with non-alcoholic drinks for a lighthearted game of shoots and ladders, or fill it with your favorite liquor to really get the fun going. Please drink responsibly! Part of our Oktoberfest Drinking Guide.

Shoots and Ladders Shot Glass Game

Swarovski Crystal Lollipops: $22

For everyone with a sweet tooth, we’ve got a great selection of candy to get your sugar rush started. Our top candy is probably our beautiful Swarovski Crystal Lollipops. They’re so beautiful, you may not want to eat them! Part of our Delicious and Nutritious Treats guide.

delicious and nutritious

Swarovski Crystal Lollipops

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