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TechMeOut – Ambassador Profile

The TechMeOut YouTube channel came about in 2012 from a love and passion for tech. After jailbreaking her phone, TechMeOut was searching for tutorial videos. All of the videos she found spoke at a level that assumed a different level of understanding, which was very frustrating. She knew that a lot of people would appreciate tutorial videos made for beginners, and decided to create a channel and appeal to an audience that was at her same level.

Getting started wasn’t always easy. “When I first started, I wanted to make sure people could understand what I was saying, I wanted to articulate what I was saying and I ended up sounding like a robot.” She found it was more important to be authentic and to create good content. Consistency and quality were key. To be a success on YouTube, she found that the best strategy to have was to “be relentless with it.”


The name TechMeOut was the result of looking for something catchy, and came across it as a play on the phrase, “check me out.”  Since starting her channel, it’s evolved into a product and tech channel, beyond the scope of just operating systems. Her product reviews are meticulous and honest.

Whenever she gets a product, she tests it thoroughly and looks at the tech specs. She documents notes during her experience with the product before sitting down to write a script or key points she would like to mention within the video. In her videos, she tries not to focus on the specifications and instead looks at how a product can perform on a day to day basis.

TechMeOut was drawn to the layout and product selection of Apollo Box and singled out the Emie Solo Speaker for her first review. She saw the design as very unique and able to hide the fact that it’s a speaker.

She also reviewed the Skeleton anti-case, because she’s in favor of more minimalist cases. Her audience was not so fond of it, however, preferring something a little bit stronger in most situations.

TechMeOut loves highlighting products to her viewers and having a discussion about them. She finds the engagement and feedback from viewers to be a great reward after spending hours on making the video. That strong feedback makes a huge difference and makes her work worthwhile.

See all of TechMeOut’s videos on her YouTube channel and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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