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Rugged Flashlight: Setatec Touch 1K

The Setatec Touch 1K is a rugged flashlight with a multifunctional LED touch display designed to be practical and easy to use. Jeremy Hansen and Craig McIntier, biomedical engineers from Salt Lake City by day, realized they needed to be able to mount their flashlight for the various outdoor activities they enjoyed.  They quickly realized that the best way to do this was to start with a product they could attach the mount to.

rugged flashlight

Touch 1K Features

As they looked at lights, they saw some improvements they wanted to make. They wanted to make a rugged flashlight that could double as a lantern. It needed to be ergonomic and easy to adjust the brightness with one hand. The touchscreen allows the flashlight to easily change modes or ramp up the light output while giving feedback on the battery life.

They also incorporated features like a dual USB and a diffuser accessory to convert the flashlight into a lantern. Hansen explained:

A normal handheld flashlight produces throw – good visibility over longer distance, if you want more of a lantern effect or a 360 glow…you want to use a diffuser cap… good in an emergency if power goes out in your home…In photography situations, people have used it in filming, people doing directing used it to read screen logs. People filming use it to give more illumination for scenes. Otherwise it gives you a long throw light.

rugged flashlight
The dual USB ports allow you to charge your devices using the flashlight. The Touch 1K uses the same 18650 battery used in Tesla cars and lasts for 2 hours on the highest setting.  It took around two and a half years of development before they had a finished product.

Touch 1K Design

The rugged flashlight makes activities like longboarding (skateboards) and night skiing/snowboarding safer. It can be mounted to helmets for things like bouldering and rock climbing. The mounting system can convert into a handheld flashlight or torch, be attached to a helmet for rock climbing, then taken mountain biking the next weekend.

Setatec is named after the suction-cup-like fibers on a gecko or tree frog’s hands. These “seta” fibers allow them to move and crawl over things.

Setatec Touch 1K is available now in the Apollo Box store.

rugged flashlight

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