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Black Friday Deals from Apollo Box

Black Friday is almost here! Instead of rushing to the stores this weekend, why not take advantage of great sales right here at the Apollo Box store. We’ve got big discounts on some of the most fun and colorful items in our store. You won’t see a lower price anywhere else. If sitting at home and curling up in your room is more your style this week, check out of the coolest Black Friday deals right here at Apollo Box. These great deals won’t last for long!

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Know Your Stars Light Cube  20% off 

This beautiful celestial cube lamp looks great and teaches you all about the night sky. The Know Your Stars Light Cube gives off a relaxing ambient glow and can be placed on any surface or hung from the ceiling. It is extremely light but flexible and resilient. A gorgeous addition to any home. 


Know Your Stars Light Cube

Giant Unicorn Lamp 15% off

It’s big. Like, really big. Why have a normal, regular-shaped lamp when you can have an amazing Giant Unicorn Lamp instead? This magical and mystical unicorn will transform and protect your home with a gentle, colorful glow. It’s safe to touch and lights up in 16 different colors. Use the remote control to set it to strobe, flash, fade, or smooth light for the perfect colorful ambiance.


Giant Unicorn Lamp

Brave Pal Business Card Holder 70% off

This cute little guy is the Brave Pal. He helps you have some courage and reminds you not to take yourself too seriously. Use the five magnets to put him in all sorts of funny poses, or use him as a cute business card holder. As the lowest deal in our entire store, you can spread the cheer by buying all three!


Brave Pal Business Card Holder

Steam Locomotive with Tender Model 40% off

The UGears Tender model Locomotive is a highly detailed and fully functional model train that perfectly captures the romance of this 19th-century machine. A must-have for hobbyists and train modelers alike!


Steam Locomotive

“The Taster” Beer Making Kit 20% off

Want to try your hand at brewing your very own beer? With “the Taster” Beer Making Kit, brewing beer is easy! Just choose your recipe and follow the instructions to make a tasty gallon of beer.


“The Taster” Beer Making Kit

Hekkpipe Active 25% off

Take your hookah on the go with the highly portable and safe Hekkpipe Active. The stainless steel cone locks over coals and keeps them in place, even if the pipe gets knocked over.


Hekkpipe Active

Transformer Multicolor Analog Clock 30% off

The Multicolor Transformer Clock is a functional and minimalist analog clock that’s easy to read and very stylish. Multicolored sheets can fold or unfold to display custom layouts.


Multi-color Analog Clock


Black Friday Deals from Apollo Box

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