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ELFY GO AR Game: User Perspective

Apollo Box in partnership with Mage Inc. just launched the ELFY GO Augmented Reality (AR) game as part of the Apollo Box app. In ELFY GO, you hunt down Apollo Cats and scan them in order to win prizes. The game introduces a fun and interactive twist on online shopping. ELFY GO gives you a chance to earn coupons and win the grand prize, an ELFY Smart Lamp.

AR game

The app gives users an incentive to search through the site and discover a variety of cool products offered by Apollo Box, and is a wonderful way to have some fun while you’re shopping on the site. The website is fairly easy to navigate, and the treasure hunt is a good way to get familiar with the site. The coupons will show up directly on your Apollo Box account.

How to Play:

TAR gamehe objective of the AR game is to scour the site for your very own ELFY pet. To do this,
players must use a separate browser on a laptop, phone, or tablet to search the Apollo Box store. Be on the lookout for images in product detail pages with two moving Apollo Cat logos in the top corner.

You must scan the image by lining up your phone with the Apollo Cat logos. A 3D ball will drop in front of you to automatically reveal your lucky draw. Sometimes, you won’t catch anything at all. You can quickly press the “New Scan” button on a different product to try and draw something new. Play to win coupon codes for purchases in the Apollo Box store.

AR game

Tips and Tricks:

  • Apollo Cat icons can only be found inside individual product description pages.
  • Play with the Apollo Cat on your phone after each scan.  He will even meow when you tap him.
  • Receive five lives each eight hours (max=20). More lives give you a better chance to win! 
  • Use the share button to record and show off your captured prizes. You’ll win 10 extra lives! 
  • When you catch ELFY, tap him to change his color.
  • There are a limited number of ELFY each day. Try and win yours early, before they’re all gone.
  • Check up on ELFY inside the app while you wait for your real life ELFY in the mail. Limit one per household.

Here’s what one of our users had to say about his experience:

Check out the ELFY GO AR game for yourself, and search for your very own ELFY on the Apollo Box iOS app.

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