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Wheela: World’s lightest collapsible scootbike

ScootbikeLike riding a scooter? Like riding a bike? Here comes Wheela – the Scootbike – a new personal transportation device combining the advantages of both! Smaller than a bike, more comfortable than a scooter, Wheela is expected to bring a revolutionary change to your last mile commute.

How does it work?

  • Start: Push off the ground with your feet while sitting.
  • Ride: Place your feet on support bars once achieving sufficient speed.
  • Stop: Use the hand-bar brake.


A closer look at Wheela

WHEELA has a characteristic tubular A-shaped frame, a pair of PU wheels, two handlebars with grip, anatomic seat, strap-belt, and a front-wheel integrated brake for safety. WHEELA is designed for flat, dry and even surfaces.


Key features


Where can you use it?

Wheela, the scootbike, is easy to carry and ride, making it versatile for many occasions—from campus to workplace, from weekday commute to weekend activities, from business convention to vacation excursion. Use it your way!


Editions and prices

The scootbike comes in three versions with multiple colors and sizes for different rider heights.


Wheela is a start-up project currently in its launch phase. The first 1000 products will all be custom-made and manufactured in Europe. All three editions can be pre-ordered now and will be shipped in July 2016.  To learn more or pre-order, click the button below:



Social media discussion

This product generates a significant amount of social buzz. Some thought it would be useful for work and daily life, especially those with back problems. A lot of comments were joking about the riding position seemed “opposite to cool”.

What do you think about it? Is it something you would ride? Leave a comment below.

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