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Fontus: self-filling water bottle that makes drinking water from air

Water is probably the most vital supply you always need to pack up for hiking or biking adventures. Fontus will make it easy for you. Fontus is a self-filling water bottle that generates drinking water from air moisture using a self-contained solar panel. It keeps you hydrated during your outdoor explorations, saving you trouble and weight.

How does it work?

Fontus uses the principles of condensation to extract humidity in the air, condense it, and store it as safe drinking water. In essence, it is an extremely compact, solar-powered water distiller.

Fontus comes in two versions: AIRO, the standalone bottle; and RYDE, specially designed bike bottle.

self-filling water bottle

AIRO is a standard self-filling water bottle you can carry for hiking, sailing, climbing, and camping. Air is drawn into the bottle by a fan powered by solar energy, runs through a special filter, and condenses in the cooling chamber to generate distilled water. You can also mineralize the water by adding dissolvable mineral capsules in the bottom chamber. For solar energy supply, you can either carry the flexible solar mat on your backpack during hiking or place it on the ground for camping.

self-filling water bottle

RYDE is a specially designed self-filling water bottle for mountain and road bikers. It can be easily attached and detached from bicycles. This bottle uses the air stream generated from biking, in place of the small fan, to press air into the cooling chambers. The rest of the distilling process works the same as AIRO.

self-filling water bottle

How long does it take to generate water?

The effectiveness of the self-filling water bottle depends mainly on the relative humidity of the air and the temperature. The higher the humidity and the temperature, the faster the bottle work. It works best under 86~104 Fahrenheit and 80~90% humidity. Under the right condition, it can produce roughly 16oz of water over an hour.

self-filling water bottle

Key features of the self-filling water bottle

  • Freedom: No need to plan your tour around water resources
  • Light:Forget about carrying heavy water loads
  • Environmental Friendly: One water bottle rather than many disposable plastic bottles
  • Smart: Use what nature gives you
  • Capacity: Holds up to 27 oz water
  • Simple Design: Compact, comfortable, small and easy design

self-filling water bottle

Timeline and prices

Fontus self-filling water bottle is available for pre-order on Indiegogo. You can get RYDE at an early bird rate of $165, and AIRO at $250.  The team will use the crowdfunding to accelerate the technical development, optimize efficiency, refine the design, and test the products around the globe. Backers will need to wait for a year until April 2017 to receive the products. To learn more or to pre-order, click the button below:


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