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A Unique Speaker for the Creatives and Music Lovers

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If you’re an audiophile, then you know how hard it is to put a limit on your unique speaker collection. From Loudspeakers to Subwoofers to Soundbars to Wall Mount  Speakers, the possibilities are endless.

But every speaker lover knows that a portable speaker is a must-have.  For anyone who’s been searching for a portable unique speaker with high quality sound and a little extra pizazz, congratulations because you’re reading the right blog post.

Meet the Musicanvas Original Vintage Bluetooth Speaker. This hip and funky bluetooth speaker is the quirkiest and boldest speaker on the block.  It’s fun designs will make you want to take it with you on every outing and blast your favorite catchy tunes.

The Deets

unique speaker

The outside of the speaker is made of Double F grade corrugated kraft paper which is dirt-resistant and water resistant, so a little splash of water won’t disintegrate the paper and ruin the design. This unique speaker is light and the size of a small briefcase and can pass as a trendy little bag.

While the Musicanvas Originals Vintage Bluetooth Speaker can’t be compared to  speakers that cost thousands, it does come out on top when matched against speakers that are around 500 RMB. One beneficial feature of this speaker is that it’s USB charged, so you don’t have to worry about enter the endless cycle of buying batteries. As soon as your Musicanvas Vintage Bluetooth Speaker, simply connect it to your  laptop or power bank for two hours. Once fully charged you’re guaranteed to have a full 5-8 hours of music.

It comes fully equipped with a USB power cord, an easy-to-use interface, a charging port, TF card port and an audio input port.

Who You Should Buy This Unique Speaker For

unique speaker

Anyone who loves design, art, music and unique gifts. The Musicanvas Vintage Bluetooth Speaker is for people who are creative, like to stand out in the crowd, have an eye for style and an expressive personality.  Give this fashionable speaker is a cool gift for kids, high school students, college students, artists, parents and friends.

Interested in the Musicanvas Vintage Bluetooth Speaker? Then check out our different styles below!

Musicanvas Originals Bluetooth Speaker

unique speaker

Musicanvas Poster Bluetooth Radio

unique speaker

Musicanvas Modern Art Bluetooth Radio

unique speaker

Modern Art Bluetooth Radio

unique speaker

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