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Air Bonsai levitating plant merges traditional art with modern technology

If levitating speakers are not new to you, how about a levitating plant? A Japanese team recently invented Air Bonsai by innovatively applying the modern levitation technology to their traditional bonsai culture. Air Bonsai is a miniature potted plant floating and rotating over a magnetic porcelain base. It is truly a piece of living art representing Zen aesthetics.

How does Air Bonsai work?

Air Bonsai has two parts– a plant vessel (aka “little star”) and a porcelain base (aka “energy base”). With the built-in magnets in both parts, the “little star” can float and rotate 2 centimeters above the “energy base”.

The little star has two versions:

  • A moss ball with sponge inserted for easy planting
  • A lightweight lava stone pot

Levitating plant

It holds up to 250 grams allowing for a variety of plant types from a traditional miniature pine “Matsu” to a flowering “Sakura.” You can translate your favorite local plants into the little star.

The energy base is made from traditional Japanese while porcelain “Imari”. It features a mirror top and connects with an AC adapter.

The standard set does not include the plants, but you can get the handmade sets with the one-of-the-kind design. These include a transplanted little star and a hand-crafted energy base.

Levitating plant

How to make your own levitating plant with Air Bonsai?

  1. Prepare your plants. Collect your plants from the field or a nursery, and clean the root with water.

Levitating plant

  1. Place and shape your plant in the little star. 
  • For the moss ball, poke a hole in the center, set the plant in the hole, and add soil to keep it still and balanced.

Levitating plant

  • For the lava stone, set your plant with plenty soil in the pot.

Levitating plant

  1. Test the little star on the energy base. Adjust the plant shape if necessary to achieve a balance.

Levitating plant

  1. Water the plants regularly and enjoy!

Levitating plant

Timeline and prices

Air Bonsai levitating plant launched on Kickstarter on January 16, 2016. It received $843 K crowdfunding from 3,000+ backers by March, over 1000% of its goal. A basic set costs $200 with the moss ball and $230 with the lava pot. If you’d go for the premium handmade set, it starts from $500 for different plant types. Shipping to backers will start from August 2016. To learn more, check out Air Bonsai’s Kickstarter page here. The product is now open for pre-order at its official site.  The basic set starts from $300. Click the button below to reserve yours:


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