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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Loved Ones

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Instead of waiting until the day before, we want to help you plan the greatest day ever with our big sale on a variety of valentine’s day gifts for him or her. We’ve got a huge range of items, from classics to personalized, unique gifts that your loved one is sure to cherish. Give your valentine a unique gift he or she will remember with our guide to Valentine’s Day gifts!

Wei Chocolates

You love chocolate. We love chocolate too. When a box of these Wei Dark Chocolates found their way into our office, they didn’t last very long! Each bite is like a present for your tongue. They come in a variety of flavors and are not too sweet, but not too bitter. For a true chocolate lover, you can’t do much better than Wei Chocolates. Part of our Delicious and Nutritious Treat guide.

Wei Love Dark Chocolates

Wei Joyful Dark Chocolates

Wei Inspired Salt Dark Chocolate

All the Wei Dark Chocolate


Heart Shaped Crystal Necklace

Treat your beautiful valentine with an elegant and classy pewter necklace. Inspired by the medieval gothic art movement, it will make her feel like royalty and bring elegance to any evening.

Valentine's Day gifts

Claddagh Evening Choker

Valentine's Day gifts

Black Swan Necklace

Valentine's Day gifts

Elizabethan Court Necklace

Valentine’s Day Cards

Are you whimsical or magical? We have valentines day greeting cards for you to prank or please your special someone. Each of them offers a unique twist on the ordinary greeting card, whether it’s an extra long looping song, a paper pop-up, or a magical light effect.

Valentine's Day gifts

Paper Pop Cards – Wedding/Valentine

Valentine's Day gifts

Valentine’s Day Forever

Valentine's Day gifts

Magic Secret Card


The Unforgetaballs are meaningful decorated baseballs to commemorate a special occasion. Give your baseball fan a gift they’ll cherish forever! Choose from two beautiful and creative Valentine’s Day designs and hit a home run to their heart.

Valentine's Day gifts


Hot Chocolate on A Stick

Made with natural chocolate, these tasty pop bars are the perfect way to stir up a quick cup of steaming hot cocoa. Just stir them around in steamed milk and you’re ready to go! Each bar is individually wrapped and comes in a package of three or six. Give your valentine a tasty treat to warm his or her heart!


Hot Chocolate on a Stick


Nurture them and watch them grow! This cute little succulent rose grows inside of a small glass jar, these plants require only a few drops of water a month and a few hours of light per day. After 8-12 months, they’re ready to move on to a flower pot.

unique gifts


Sensual Scented Candles

Create a sensual and majestic atmosphere with these lovely aromatic candles. Take your loved one on a journey to the sea or the stars as you bask together in the pleasantly scented flavors. Surprise them with a unique gift-wrapped box of chocolates that you can light on fire!

Starry Night – Pink and Blue

Valentine's Day gifts

Chocolate Candle

Seashell Pillar Candle

Mythical Creature Ambient Lights

Uni, Orochi, and the Nari are some of our most popular and attractive items in our store. Much more useful than you’d expect, these small battery-powered lights give off an ambient glow that’s great for trips to the washroom at night. Especially great as a unique gift for anyone who’s a bit timid in the dark, the soft glow is very gentle on the eyes. Part of our Early-Bird Gift guide.

UNI Unicorn Ambient Light

Orochi Dragon Ambient Light

Nari Narwhal Ambient Light

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More Valentine’s Day Gifts:

Gift Boxes for Him & Her

Gift Boxes for Him & Her

Magic Valentine’s Day Card (Free with purchase)

Magic Valentine’s Day Card

Explore our Valentine’s Day gifts category for the complete collection!

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