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10 Best Gifts for Grads of All Ages

Graduation season is finally here! Whether you’re shopping for a grad who just finished their final exams or you’re looking to get your graduate a present, we’ve got you covered. Choose from best sellers like Plymouth Earbuds and Canvas Picnic Mats. Read on for 10 of the best gifts for grads of all ages.

Plymouth Earbuds

Need a special gift for that grad in your life? Our Plymouth Earbuds are the perfect choice. Featuring a vintage green color and a lightweight design, these earbuds allow you to rock out anytime. Let your favorite tunes follow you wherever you go with these Plymouth Earbuds!

Exquisite Decorative Photo Frame

Your memories deserve the best showcase possible, and this exquisite decorative photo frame does just that. Whether you’re an incoming college freshman or a recent graduate, this frame will display your memories in the most beautiful way possible. The perfect accent for any room, it’s crafted from fine materials and features a timeless design.

Unique Music Pendant

Featuring a wind-up box playing Castle in the Sky, this Unique Music Pendant is a perfect gift for grads and those who like something unique. It’s time to show your love for the beloved anime Castle in the Sky.

Innovative Building Block Lamp

The Innovative Building Block Lamp is creatively designed and looks like it’s made from real-life Minecraft blocks! This lamp makes a perfect graduation gift for all Minecraft lovers or anyone who just wants a little more color in their life.

Hidden Home Planters

If you are looking for a new planter, look no further! Our Hidden Home Planter features a staircase that leads down to a miniature of a cute animal home. This planter is the perfect gift for anyone who loves herbs, succulents or a cactus and wants to start their own garden, but can’t have an outdoor space.

Ruffle Bottom Dress

Is it time for a new LBD? Make a fashion statement with our Ruffle Bottom Dress. This unique dress is a must-have for the summer and grads who are ready to show off their individuality.

Candy Colored Waterproof Goggles

These Candy Colored Waterproof Goggles are perfect for the water lover in your life. Whether you’re heading towards the ocean or just like to spend time in the pool, these goggles will offer superior eye protection for you.

Preserved Sunflower Gift Box

Preserved flowers are always a perfect graduation gift, and our cute and sweet sunflower design will make your grad smile. The beautiful sunflower is kept well inside the box and can be seen through the clear plastic window.

Cool Magnetic Watch

If you’re looking for a watch that’s different from any other you’ve worn, we have just the thing. This Cool Magnetic Watch features a minimalist design with no hour hand or minute hand. The inner ring refers to the minute while the outer ring refers to the hour hand.

Canvas Picnic Mat

Our Canvas Picnic Mat makes it easy to enjoy a meal outdoors. The mat is made from durable canvas and arrives with a portable design for easy transportation. Go get one for the upcoming summer!

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