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10 Non- Cliche Father’s Day Gifts Every Dad Will Like

It’s that time of year again to spend time sifting through dozens of Father’s Day gifts in search of the “one” that’ll blow dad’s socks off.  

By now you may have already established a pretty predictable “Father’s Day Gift” routine. 1. Go to store. 2. Pick out a nice shirt, tie or bottle of aged whiskey plus a funny card. 3. Give gift to dad.

Take a break from this classic Father’s Day gift pattern and this year give your dad a gift he wouldn’t expect but will definitely love.  Scroll down to see 10 Non-Cliche Father’s Day Gifts that your dad would take any day over another tie.

Hope They Serve Tacos in Hell Tee

Father's Day Gifts

Tacos make any situation a good situation. If your dad can’t get enough tacos and has a good sense of humor, then give him this cool and funny tee. The shirt is made of high quality and comfy, vintage-inspired tri-blend fabric (50% Polyester 25% Cotton 25% Rayon). Each tee is proudly screen printed by hand using an environmentally friendly process and soft, eco-friendly inks in the USA.

Radiant Light Mill Radiometer

Father's Day Gifts

Bring the scientist out of your dad when you give him this fun contraption! He can take this radiometer for a spin in a sunny spot and see the beauty of thermodynamics. Once it soaks up some rays, this glass windmill becomes a real solar engine. The stronger the light, the faster it spins!

Star Wars Terrarium

Father's Day Gifts

Take your dad to his favorite galaxy far, far away with this unique Star Wars Terrarium.  It showcases a rugged landscape complete with live moss and classic Star Wars character. If your dad is a huge Star Wars fan, then this is something he needs to add to his collection!

Wine Making Kit

Father's Day Gifts

Wine isn’t just for the girls! This Father’s Day gift is for all the wine-loving dads out there! Help dad experiment and create the perfect wine with this Wine Making Kit.  It comes with all the tools he’ll need and step-by-step directions. Cheers!

Log Head Rest Pillow

Father's Day Gifts

Give this pillow to the dad who can knock out anyplace, anytime and sleeps like a log! These novelty log look-alikes are extra comfortable supportive pillows. He can even use several of these pillows to pull a prank by stacking them up like firewood and fooling all his friends.

Pirate Plasma Skull Light

Father's Day Gifts

This is a fitting gift for the dad who knows how to party! Watch the magical sphere gases and electrodes come together in mesmerizing swirls of light. Or touch the glass with your finger and create an intensified bolt of light. Either way, our Pirate Plasma Skull light is a cool party prop or steampunk lamp for your dad’s office.

Gosun Sport

Father's Day Gifts

Got a dad who’s always using the oven? Then surprise him with an outdoor oven substitute and gift him this Gosun Sport Solar Oven.  This innovative cooking tool will have a meal ready in as little as 20 minutes. Even under cloudy skies, this next evolution oven cooks everything from hearty stews to delicious desserts.

Da Vinci Collection

Father's Day Gifts

Indulge your dad’s inner kid and give him this cool Da Vinci DIY kit. With this Father’s Day gift, he can build and test Da Vinci replicas from the famous artist’s original plans. This is a gift that will get his creative juices flowing and give him a nice break from work stress.

Flip Down Gear Operated Clock

Father's Day Gifts

This is a Father’s Day gift your dad will be proud to show off to all of his cycle buddies Our cool flip down clocks are a hit at home or at work. This funky clock comes in attention grabbing colors and has large white-on-black numbers which make it easy to see and tell the time.

Bag of Edible Bugs

Father's Day Gifts

Got a dad who loves jokes and pranks? Then give him the biggest prank of all! These bugs are crunchy, delicious and filled with protein! As soon as he opens this gift he’s gonna laugh, but watch out! Check the rest of your meals and make sure there’s no “special ingredients” hidden in there.

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