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May the 4th Be with You: Best Gifts in the Galaxy for Star Wars Day 2021

With Star Wars Day coming up, it’s time to pick a thoughtful and interesting gift for the ​Star Wars​-obsessed person in your life, or even just for yourself. To help you out, we’ve rounded up 10 gifts that will appeal to the Star Wars fanatic in your galaxy.

Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker

She’s the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy and now the coolest sound system too! Enjoy the detail and sound quality of this Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker.

Press the top button to play the classic theme song. Connect the speaker to any Bluetooth-enabled device to stream music wirelessly. Answer hands-free calls like a Falcon pilot via the microphone. The starship lights up when in use, as if it were flying through space!

This awesome gadget allows you to listen to your favorite tunes, acts as a perfect piece of home décor, and makes the perfect gift for the music-loving Star Wars fan on your list.

Star Wars Terrarium

The Force awakens under glass! This glass jar houses a rugged landscape, complete with live moss and an Ewok, C-3PO, or R2-D2 figurine. Arriving fully assembled and ready for display, this terrarium will add some freshness and the Force to your room. It’s a perfect gift for Star Wars fans who need a plant in their lives.

Star Wars 3D Wall Lamp

Go to the light side of the Force with this 3D LED light. Use the Force to place it on the wall after applying the crack sticker. It looks as if Kylo Ren, the Falcon, a Death Star, or a stormtrooper (your choice) had smashed through your wall! An ideal gift for yourself or the Star Wars fan in your life, this lamp will bring light from a far-off galaxy into a room.

R2-D2 & R5-D4 Model Kit

Everyone’s favorite droids are here! This kit includes everything you need to build scale models of R2-D2 and R5-D4. The former has a periscope and robotic arms. Fun to assemble and display, the droids will bring a dash of geek chic to any room. They’re an ideal gift for Star Wars lovers, robot collectors, and sci-fi geeks, or the perfect addition to your own collection.

Death Star Infographic

Transform your space into a galaxy far, far away with this poster, featuring all the details of the Empire’s ultimate weapon. Put it up on the wall in your bedroom or home cinema. Available in 3 sizes and 13 color combos, this Death Star poster can match any décor. It’s a cool gift for every Star Wars movie lover.

Darth Vader Funko Pop

Give in to the dark side and bring the Sith Lord into your home! Whether you’re looking to expand your Star Wars collection, or need the perfect gift for a fan of the franchise, this adorable yet intimidating Darth Vader Funko Pop, with a bobbing oversized head and his signature red lightsaber, is a great option. This figure will add a touch of the dark side to one’s home.

DIY AT-AT Walker Cable Organizer Kit

Bring order to your galaxy, or at least your desk, with this wooden AT-AT walker. Put a power strip inside the body, make the cords come out neatly from the sides, and hide business cards in the head. It’s a clever solution to keeping your cables organized while bringing a touch of Star Wars to your home or office.

Plus, it comes flat-packed, so you can put it together yourself for some DIY entertainment. Got a Star Wars fan on your list? A DIYer? A neat freak? Someone who’s a combination of all three? This anti-clutter machine kit is perfect for them.

Han Solo Ice Cube Tray

Han Solo is one of the coolest characters in the series. And the only thing cooler than cool is frozen. Perfect gift for any Jedi or fan, this gray silicone tray lets you capture ice (or chocolate, juice, etc.) in the shape of Han Solo frozen in carbonite. It’s the perfect way to chill and geek up your favorite summer drinks.

Stormtrooper USB Car Charger

Harness the power of the Galactic Empire to fuel your gadgets! Designed to be plugged into your cigarette lighter socket, this stormtrooper charger can power up your phone, laptop, or any other USB-compatible device on the road, and add a fun element to your car’s interior. It makes the perfect gift for the right auto enthusiast or any Star Wars fanatic.

Star Wars Embossing Rolling Pin

Engraved with the iconic Star Wars logo and images of famous characters like Yoda, this beech wood rolling pin uses your Force to create the geekiest cookies in the galaxy! Roll fun shapes into cookie dough, fondant, or pie crusts with this rolling pin. It’s not only the perfect addition to your own kitchen, but also a perfect gift for fans of cooking and Star Wars.

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