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4 Reasons Why You Need These Wall Planters

wall planters

March 20th is the first day of Spring and that means spring cleaning, the smell of fresh rain, Easter and showing off your favorite plant babies in these stylish wall planters.

Plant filled homes are one of the hottest trends and featuring your favorite plants in these circle wall planters will put you ahead of the curb. Why stick with regular vases when you can feature leafy ferns, hanging succulents and colorful flowers on your walls.

If you’re loving this green vibe, then go to your local nursery or greenery, pick out your favorite plant and see the 4 reasons why you need these wall planters.


Reason #1: These Wall Planters Fill Your Home with Energy and Life


Wall Planters

Nothing brightens up and transforms a room like greenery on the walls. These planters fill any room with life and immediately make spaces vibrant and balanced. Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, family room or bedroom, these wall planters will look amazing and impress your guests.

If there’s a spot in your home that doesn’t feel complete or balanced, fill it with a row of succulents planted in our wall planter. This is a decision you won’t regret.


Reason #2: There’s a Wall Planter for Every Taste, Style and Personality


wall planters

Does your home have a rustic or boho theme? Or maybe you’re more into the modern or eccentric vibe. Well lucky for you, these wall planters mesh with any style or taste.

If you’re more into neutrals then you’re going to love our Khaki wall planter. This color is a minimalist’s dream and won’t take any attention away from your plant. If your home is filled with bright colors, then take a look at our Red or Yellow wall planters.

Our Blue and Green wall planters are a soft hue that blends in nicely and adds just the right amount of color.


Reason #3: They Hold and Support Any Plant Species


wall planters

These wall planters are built to showcase and protect any type of plant. Succulents, flowers, ferns, herbs, ivy, ficus, the list goes on for what types of plants will look picture perfect in these planters.

Display hanging and full Ficus leaves or full Arrowhead Vines to give your home a romantic and Secret Garden look. Plant Aloe, Senecio and a mini prickly cactus for a southwestern, desert feel. Large Philodendron or Peperomia leaves will transport you to a tropical forest.


Reason #4: These Wall Planters Just Look Good


wall planters

Seriously, these wall planters are gorgeous and prime Instagram material. Imagine it now. Your wide leaves of your newly planted Pothos perfectly spiraling and hanging out of your Large Green Wall Planter. Rays of sunlight pass over the leaves and creates the perfect picture moment. Enough said.

All your friends and family will ask you where you got these planters and don’t be surprised if you start to see them on other people’s Instagram feeds and stories. So just do yourself a favor and get these wall planters already. You deserve it.


Want to fill your walls with life and color? Click here to get a unique wall planter.


wall planters

Geometric Wall Planters

wall planters

Wall Planters

wall planters

Round Wall Planter








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