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Fun Halloween Accessories & Treats Under $15

Halloween Accessories

We’re now in early October and it’s officially ok to pull out the cobwebs, fake spiders, candy corn and Halloween accessories! Fill the desires of your Halloween heart without breaking the bank get some cute and spooky Halloween Accessories!

This is the one time of the year where it’s ok to cover your home or work desk with pumpkins, cover your car with zombie decals and get your spooky vibes on! If you’re looking for new, cute, unique and affordable Halloween accessories, then read on! We hand picked our favorite Halloween accessories that fun, spooky and under $15!

Halloween Accessories Pick #1: Halloween Bath Bomb

Halloween Accessories

Halloween is da bomb! Or at least we think so! Transform your bathtub into a magical, fall cauldron and step out smelling like candy apples and pumpkin pie thanks to this Halloween Bath Bomb.

This is one of our favorite Halloween accessories because every bath bomb is handmade, so it’ll be fresh and ready for you to take your spooky but relaxing bath. Choose between a cute cauldron or Jack o’ Lantern container that you can reuse to hold more Halloween treats!

Halloween Accessories Pick #2: Smiling Skull Drinking Jar

Halloween Accessories

What’s cuter than a plain ol’ portable mason jar? A Skull Glass Drinking Jar!  Feed your spooky soul as you drink the poison of your choice out of this portable Skull Drinking Jar.

Skull accessories never go out of style and you can use it all year! Click here to find more skull accessories that you can use year round!

Halloween Accessories Pick #3: The Mustachifier

Halloween Accessories

Who says that babies don’t appreciate some good o’l fashioned Halloween accessories? Get your little one in the Halloween and costume spirit with this mustache pacifier.

This pacifier is BPA free, great for infants between 0 and 6 months, and the perfect solution for teething pains.

Halloween Accessories Pick #4: Jack Skellington Candle

Halloween Accessories

Here’s a little shout out for all the Nightmare Before Christmas fans! Celebrate Christmas’ arrival and Hallows eve with this Jack Skellington candle.

Each of these candles are hand-poured and individually painted, so your Jack is one-of-a-kind and has a unique facial expression. This Jack Skellington Candle is also a thoughtful present for anyone in your life that loves the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Halloween Accessories Pick #4: Skull Tea Infuser

Halloween Accessories

Warning: Creepy steeping ahead. This set of Teabones will infuse more fun than fear into your afternoon tea time. Simply crack the skull open and add your own brew.

Rest the skull on the bones while you enjoy your enchanted brew.  This skull accessory makes teatime a little more fun.

Halloween Accessories Pick #5:  Skeleton Hand Hair Clip

Halloween Accessories

Be spooky and pretty at the same time and pin your hair up with these Skeleton Hand Hair Clips. They’re a fun costume accessory and a great skull accessory to wear on Halloween if you’re office isn’t too keen on costumes.

Swipe a side of your hair up with one of these clips and get compliments and attention for true skull lovers.

For more fun Halloween Accessories, decorations, costumes and skull accessories, click here!

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