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CES 2017 Personal Experience

The Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone, but we learned a lot about what’s coming up in the year to come. We met with a lot of new and familiar faces on the convention floor and we’re excited to show you what they’ve been working on. We even got a chance to try out some of the latest VR and AR technology, and show our AR shopping to a few lucky individuals!

ar shopping

The first thing I noticed was a huge proliferation of French startups on display, with a La French Tech logo on their booths. We were amazed by what Novathings, Urban Hello, Lovebox, oombrella, Aroma Care, Meyko, and Yuzzit are working on, and look forward to sharing their products in our store and here on our blog once they’re released to the public. There were plenty of amazing products from all over the world ranging from US to China, and even from Ukraine! (See gallery)

VR/AR Technology

ar shopping

Our engineers focused on the VR/AR demonstrations and cutting-edge technology. Pictured above is CAppASITY, a VR/AR content creation and store platform. They provide service for people who want to put 3D content on their website or application. The client captures the surrounding images of the product with camera rig as shown on the right, then the company can accept the uploaded images and generate 3D content. The client receives URL so they can display the 3D content on their website.

ar shopping

Many companies demonstrated their VR/AR goggles, ranging from the big names such as Microsoft to smaller ones, such as ODG’s AR Glasses pictured above. Compared with Hololens, ODG is smaller but has a larger field of view. Their demo was fixed to the table, so it’s unlikely their tracking functions are fully matured.

ar shopping

We even saw the world’s largest Bluetooth controller, a fully functional giant NES controller by 8Bitdo that actually lets you play Mario! (8bitdo also created the AP40 Retro Controller).

Vendor Connections

We saw a number of familiar faces during the week. I even got to meet with Ohad Nezer, the co-founder from Knocki. Fun fact – Knocki was the first time I wrote for the Apollo Box blog! It was great to meet him and finally hold the Knocki device in person. You can check out their Indiegogo page to pre-order, and look out for it in our store later this year.ar shopping

Other familiar faces included iGulu, Playbulb, and Foldimate.

ar shopping


ar shopping


ar shopping


We saw many more, but sadly there wasn’t enough time to speak with everyone – we missed out on many favorites such as the crowdfunding star Ossic X and our recent partner, iBaby.

ar shopping

Ossic X

ar shopping

iBaby Airsense

AR Shopping at the UploadVR Party

I had the opportunity to attend the UploadVR party on our last night. As I was waiting in line, I overheard an older man say, “everyone at this party is five years ahead of the curve.” I wonder if he realized that the truly remarkable tech on display wasn’t the virtual reality, but the augmented reality.  There were tons of great VR products on display at the party, but our favorite thing was the augmented reality clothing and the ASUS Zenphone. We even had the opportunity to showcase our AR shopping to a few lucky party-goers.

At Apollo Box, we are passionate about fun and unique gifts. We created an innovative AR shopping platform to make shopping even more fun.  We want you to discover something you are so excited about that you want to share it with your friends. Sign up with us to get informed about innovative technology and products.

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