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Best Gifts Under $50

Nowadays it’s hard to find quality gifts under $50. We want to give you the best of the best and a bang for your buck. So we decided to round up all of our favorite gifts under $50.

All of these products are hand picked and approved by us in the office. We can say with confidence that these are some of the best items and gifts that we would want to receive and give.

All of these gifts under $50 are unique and special gifts that embody what we believe to be Apollo Box.

Cute and Cozy Items Gifts Under $50

Embrace the spirit of coziness with a touch of cuteness, making every moment special. Whether you’re seeking the perfect gift for a friend or looking to add a whimsical touch to your space, these treasures are sure to evoke smiles and create a haven of charm.

Space Astronaut Pillow

Cinnamoroll Plush Cushion

Totoro Pillow & Blanket

Home Decor Gifts Under $50

Home decor can get a little pricey and a cool clock or poster under $50 is a deal. Decorate your home on a budget, and give family or friends one of these unique and fun home decor gifts, all under $50. 

Leaf on Glass Framed Wall Art

Creative Astronaut Decor

Stackable Storage Drawer Organizer

Decorative Lights Under $50

Illuminate your space with brilliance on a budget! Our Decorative Lights collection under $50 brings a touch of charm to any room. From string lights to table lamps, find affordable brilliance to transform your space into a radiant haven.

Collapsible LED Lantern

Glowing Glass Balloon

Innovative Building Block Lamp

Accessories Under $50

It’s hard to justify spending more than $50 on an accessory item unless it’s made out of pure gold. Check out our accessory picks that are unique, stylish, and totally affordable.

Beautiful Japanese Ukiyo-e Necklace

Saturn’s Ring Sunglasses

 Click here for more unique gifts under $50!

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