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Unique Speakers to Amplify Your Music

These days, music is more accessible than ever before. With all sorts of music streaming services sending audio directly to your smartphone, playing music for your friends at home requires less setup than ever before. Bluetooth speakers, once a novelty product, are becoming the norm for home audio solutions. There are a huge variety of great Bluetooth speakers on the market, from small and cheap portable speakers to powerful boom boxes. Speakers are a popular item category on Kickstarter and Indiegogo because people are constantly looking to balance audio quality with portability and style. We found a few unique speakers that are a bit different from the rest.


DuoEcho is a pair of sleek aluminum stereo speakers that can combine into a single package that is extremely easy to transport. The high quality curved and angled design of these unique speakers is inspired by bamboo.

unique speakers

Nepsu Triangle

The Nepsu Triangle is an aesthetically pleasing tetrahedral speaker that frees up space in your home. The aluminum exterior plate can be removed and replaced with a variety of colored covers to match any home decor. Read here for details.

unique speakers

A Speaker

A Speaker is an innovative and unique speaker with directional audio that creates a narrow beam of sound directly into your ears. It’s essentially like wearing headphones without the headphones. As long as you’re in the sound beam, you can listen to your music without disturbing others.



MoodBox is an artificial intelligence speaker that is able to learn your moods and music tastes and interact with you using light and sound. The app gives you complete control over your music and also keeps track of your mood fluctuations. It can even set alarms and tell you the time and weather.


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