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Mother’s Day Hobby Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you know what that means. It’s time to try and find the gift that expresses the right amount of love and thankfulness you feel towards your mom. This year don’t be the kid that forgot to get a gift and blow your sibling’s gift out of the water!  Skip countless hours searching on the internet and use this guide to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift based off your mom’s personality/hobbies.  


For the Mom that’s Always Looking for That “Perfect Scent”

Is your mom obsessed with candles and always stopping in stores to find that perfect scent? Does she have candles in every room and a scent for every season and holiday? Be the child of the year and surprise her with one of these one-of-a-kind candles and candle accessories!


Geo Bubble Glass Candle

This candle is a work of art and perfect for the modern mom, who loves the latest styles. This stylish candle comes in four different scents and colors.  Choose from wild lilac, jasmine smoke, tobacco spice, sea glass and honey blossom to liven up your mom’s home.Mother's day gift

Leaf Hurricane Candle Holder

Any true candle lover not only has candles but candle accessories. If your mom is a self-proclaimed candle fanatic, then this is the gift for her. Surprise her this Mother’s Day with this delicate candle holder.  Fashioned out of white wire, this candle holder is adorned with wired leaves, perfect for mom’s who love chic accessories.

Mother's day gift


Good Karma Pyramid Candle

Moms who like a little mystique will love this unique candle. The design alone is mesmerizing, and each candle carries Himalayan herbs and a hint of musk.  This candle also offers more than a hypnotizing look and scent.  Inside every candle is a hidden gemstone so you can surprise your mom with one more gift!

Mother’s day gift


For the Mom with the Greenthumb

Some moms have the knack for growing life and some moms have the gift of buying plants that don’t last too long. No matter where your mom falls on the gardening scale, if she loves plants and the life that they bring, then she’ll love any of these unique gifts.

Geometric Wall Planters

These wall planters are a must have for moms who love new forms of decor and see plants as works of art.  Create a wall garden and display plants in a creative way with these geometric-shaped wall planters.

Mother’s day gift


Marimo Aquarium Kit Metal Stand

This mini terrarium is the gift for moms who love nature and plants but wouldn’t call themselves experienced gardeners.  These marimo balls are easy-to-care-for and still make you feel like you’re in a foreign forest.  If your mom wants to give gardening a try, this is a great gateway plant.

Mother’s day gift



Does your mom want the full garden experience? Buy her this ecocube, which shows her what it’s like to grow and nurture a plant from a seedling.  Plants come ready to grow in a biodegradable wood planter, and moms can choose from a variety of plants, from herbs to flowers.

Mother’s day gift


For the Mom Who Wants to be the Next Julia Child

Is your mom always experimenting new recipes and creating new concoctions in the kitchen?  Does she have stacks of Gourmet magazine’s lying around the house and watches the Food Channel 24/7? Then pick from our list below and gift her with some of the latest cooking tools and ingredients.

Avocado Slicer

Make mom’s cooking prep that much easier with this avocado slicer/cutter.  This 3-in-1 tool is time efficient and safe.  It has a blade to split the avocado in half and safely remove the pit to lower the risk of an unexpected injury.  It also has a fan blade that creates perfect slices. Cut mom’s time in the kitchen in half and lower the amount of dishes she has to wash with this slicer.

Mother’s day gift

DIY Cheese Kit

Is your mom a firm believer in using home-made ingredients? Then set her cooking skills to the test with this DIY Cheese Kit! Packed with ingredients and tools to create both crumbly goat cheese and creamy chevre, your mom can be proud to serve an appetizer or dish that was all made by her. All ingredients are pure, GMO-free and gluten-free.

Mother’s day gift

Flatbread Pizza Stone

Bring out the inner pizzaiolo of your mom with this flatbread pizza stone.  Transport her and your family to Italy with the dishes she can create on this handcrafted stone. Besides being the perfect stone to create authentic pizzas on, it can also be used to bake bread on cookies.

Mother’s day gift


For the Mom Who Watches Wine Wednesday with Kathie Lee and Hoda

Does your mom enjoy a daily glass of wine and sometimes have one too many glasses at dinner parties? Break out any of these unique gifts so your mom can have the best wine experience!

Wine for Two

Is your mom a fan of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and all other white wines? Buy here these Wine for Two glasses. These wine twirls keep a glass of wine cold for up to 45 minutes longer than usual and impact neither flavor nor odor of the wine.

Mother’s day gift


Chevalier Wine Glass

Is your mom kind of a wine snob? Then she’ll love these aerating wine glasses. These visually pleasing glasses release aromas and allow you to taste all of the notes and flavors of your favorite wines.

Mother’s day gift

Oak Bottle

Does your mom have a bottle of wine that she’s been waiting to open but hasn’t because of the fear that it hasn’t reached its’ aged perfection? Well, today’s the day to finally taste that wine thanks to the Oak bottle.  Made from 100% American White Oak, this Oak Bottle accelerates the aging process in just a couple hours and can age wine, beer and more.

Mother’s day gift


For the Mom Who Loves Trendy Bling

Is your mom known for sporting the latest jewelry trends and always looking fierce? Then make her the flyest mom on the block and give her trendy jewelry! She’ll love all of our jewelry selections and all of her friends will ask her where she shops.

Miniature Rosebud Earrings

Does your mom collect and treasure vintage style jewelry?  Then she’ll fall in love with these preserved rosebud earrings. They tell a stylish story that brims with laidback, everyday elegance. Now that’s a happy ending!

Mother's Day Gift

Emerald Necklace

Our artisan crafted pea pod necklace is a unique gift for moms. It showcases 3 glossy emerald peas strung together on gold wire and tucked into a leather pod.  It’d be the perfect gift if you’re one of three kids! You and your siblings can all chip in and give her this unique necklace.

gift guide for mom

Enamel Leaf Ring

Inspired by nature’s lavish colors, this handcrafted enamel leaf ring wraps around your finger like a growing vine.  If your mom loves silver jewelry and nature, then she’s going to adore this unique ring. It’s a fresh look for her everyday style!

Mother's Day Gift

For the Mom Who Needs to Treat Herself

Do you have a mom who is always doing stuff for others but rarely takes the time to treat herself? Pamper your mom this year and buy her a gift that will remind her she is worth taking care of.  She’s a gem and deserves the best treatment.

Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser (600 ml)

Give your mom the ultimate aromatherapy experience. This multifunction essential oil diffuser is a cool mist humidifier, aromatherapy diffuser and night light all-in-one. Showcasing a unique wood grain pod design, it complements any home or office decor.

Mother's Day Gift

Soap Flower

The delightful floral fragrance of these soap petal flowers will transport your mom to a secret garden. Skilled artisans create each beautiful bloom by hand-placing each pedal. A single flower petal creates enough softening soap lather for up to 10 hand washes.

Mother's Day Gifts

The Body Oil from US Organic

Straight out of the shower spray-on goodness for your mom’s skin! This certified organic body oil formula is made from the purest skin softening oils from the earth. Enriched with refreshing fragrance, it goes beyond ordinary lotions and will revitalize and soften your mom’s skin.

Mother's Day Gift

For the Mom Who Loves HGTV

Does your mom secretly want to flip homes and is always seeing the latest homes that Chip and Joanna renovate?  Shower her with more house decor and let her live out her home decorating and designing dreams with these unique gifts.

Moon Light

Is your mom a dreamer with her head always up in the clouds? Gift her this dreamy Moon Light, that will encourage her to keep using her imagination! This photorealistic moonlight gives off a soothing glow.  It has a LED light that adjusts from a soft white to a bright yellow, creating the perfect ambience for day dreaming.

Mother’s day gift

Rose Light Bottle

Is your mom a princess at heart?  This beautiful rose light bottle transforms any room or setting into a fantasy. With customized light control, she can create the perfect ambience and use this for dinner parties or date nights with dad.

Mother’s day gift

Cubist Shelf

Does your mom have a modern taste and prefer minimalist decor? Then surprise her with this elegant and futuristic cubist shelf.  This shelf is has a multifunctional cup that can hold succulents or flowers, and a removable shelf.  Inspired by Piet Mondrian and his iconic compositions, this wall shelf brings function and design to every room of the house.

Mother’s day gift

If you can’t decide on just one Mother’s Day gift and think your mom deserves the best of the best, check out our gift boxes for moms, and surprise her with a variety of fun gifts.  Make sure to check out our blog next month for a gift guide for dad!

Mother’s day gift

Gift Box for Mom: Time Out

Mother’s day gift

Gift Box for Mom: Elegance


For more Mother’s Day gift selection, check out our Collection For Moms.


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