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11 Best Back to School Gift Ideas

With school starting up again soon, parents everywhere are scrambling to find the best back-to-school gift ideas for their kids. In this post, we’ll show you some great back-to-school gift ideas and give you some inspiration on what kind of gifts would mean the most. Keep reading if you want more information!

Canvas Backpack for Artists

If you’re a student at the Academy of Fine Arts, it’s hard to find a backpack that can hold your drawing board, but our Canvas Backpack for Artists is made just for that! Featuring a size of 25.6×19.7 inch, this backpack easily carries all your essentials, as well as your drawing board, sketchpad, and large paintbox. It’s perfect for on-the-go artists.

Cute Animal Electric Pencil Sharpener

This animal electric pencil sharpener is a great gift idea for the back to school season. It comes in four cute different animals: dinosaur, whale, rabbit, or pig. Just insert the pencil into the top hole and this sharpener will automatically shaves the core of the wooden pencil until it shapes the point.

Cute Dino Table Lamp

If you’re looking for a gift that will really wow your little one, then look no further! The Cute Dino Table Lamp is the perfect back-to-school gift for kids. Choose from three different dino options. You can turn your child’s room into a sweet fairy land in no time with this uniquely designed table lamp.

Intricate Clock Design Bookmark

This bookmark is so detailed that it’s a work of art. Featuring an intricate design, this bookmark will impress you anytime you open the book. Whether you’re reading a classic or writing in your journal, this bookmark will make sure you never lose your place again.

Ballpoint Pen Bones Set

Crafted with memory foam and plastic, the Ball Point Pen Bones Set measures approximately 5.8” in length and feature a variety of bone and joint looks. Buy a whole set and surprise your friends at school or prepare several for this year’s Halloween celebration.

Alien Keyboard Caps

If you need something extra for your keyboard when back to school, these alien keyboard caps do a perfect job. These glow-in-the-dark caps come in six different styles, so you can choose one or get a whole set to change every day.

Mini Garden Gel Pen

If you are into both writing and gardening, these black or white gel pens are just the right gift. Their caps are topped with a clear planter with seeds that’ll grow in days after being watered. When you’ve done writing, enjoy a mini garden of your own.

Steampunk Journal & Pen Set

Your back-to-school list deserves some steampunk color. This Steampunk Journal & Pen Set is perfect for anyone who appreciates the beauty of handwritten thoughts and note taking. For steampunk aficionados, this journal makes a wonderful addition to your library of books and is sure to inspire creativity in any writer.

Silicon Grass Leaf Ballpoint Pen

The perfect back to school gift, this creative pen set features a vibrant green leaf design. Each pot includes 35 ballpoint pens that write wonderfully smoothly and are perfect for taking notes in class or jotting down random thoughts. Plus, they look like a vibrant healthy plant!

Vintage Canvas Backpack

You must be tired of your old backpack. Don’t worry. We’ve got this vintage canvas backpack! Durable and strong, this back to school essential will never wear out. It looks cool, too. With its classic design and high quality materials, it’ll be your go-to for years to come.

Vintage Feather Pen Gift Box

If your kid wants a bit of retro style, this vintage-inspired feather pen gift box is the perfect way to improve his/her writing experience. The sleek, blue feather design will provide a touch of elegance to any desk.

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