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April Inspired Birthday Guide for 2021

Say hello to April. Spring is coming and everything comes back to life. There are so many reasons for us to celebrate April. If your family member or friend was born in this vibrant month, we have curated gifts inspired by April that they’d like to have! Keep on scrolling to see some fun facts about this month and the unique April gifts we’ve prepared for your giftee!

The two zodiac signs associated with the month of April are Aries and Taurus. People of these 2 signs are smart, brave, bold, creative, and kind. They are determined enough to follow their path towards goals and desires. They will spare no efforts to achieve their dream and motivate themselves no matter what difficulties they meet.

People born in April are lucky enough to have the diamond, one of the world’s most popular and adored gemstones as their birthstone, which is a symbol of clarity and strength. The name of the diamond derives from the Greek word “adamas”, which means “invincible” or ” unconquerable”. Diamonds are a stone of duality – of love and war. And today, the April birthstone is still the benchmark for indestructibility.”

People born in April are very courageous and outgoing with a strong attitude. It is their courage that drives them to pursue better prospects in life, and they are also passionate about what they do.

The birthday flower for April is the cheerful, colorful daisy. Daisies symbolize childhood innocence, simplicity, and joy, which makes them a wonderful choice to gift your lover. It is also said to represent fertility and motherhood – that is why it is commonly gifted to new mothers.

Sterling Silver Natural Diamond Ring

The worn and worked look of this beautifully handcrafted sterling silver ring makes it a lovely addition to any outfit. The ring features natural diamonds, in a design that is sure to charm. Gift your special someone, or gift yourself. The ring is adjustable, so a comfortable fit is assured.

Diamond Ice Cube Tray

The Diamond Ice Cube Tray is a must-have kitchen accessory for the April-born person who wants to create 6-carats of glam. Whether you’re making jello shots, unique crayon shapes, or simply looking to add a touch of class to your drink, this dishwasher and oven-safe mold can get the job done.

Daisy Pearl Earrings

Sunshine and summer. The cute Daisy Pearl Earrings work perfectly as an everyday accessory or as a unique birthday gift. Our bright yellow and white daisy and pearl are a playful reminder of color-washed summer gardens and long, lazy days basking in the summer sun.

Folding Mini Fan

One of the coolest office desk accessories, the beautiful mini fan serves in multiple ways. Whether you want to keep it on your office desk or use it on your commute, the fan does a great job. The mirror at the bottom adds more functionality to the fan.

Space Capsule Shaped Trash Can

Who says that trash cans have to be eyesores? These charming trash cans are inspired by a space capsule, and definitely bring a space-age appeal with them. Choose between two sizes and five colors, or get one in each color for every room in your home. The handle makes it a breeze to carry your trash can where it’s needed the most. The liner of the can is easily removed so that you can clean it with ease. The lids open up smoothly and close securely to lock away the smells. What a great-looking way to keep your trash!

Frog with Balloons Brooch

Featuring a whimsical look that people of Aries and Taurus signs will love, this cute traveling frog with balloons is a perfect accessory for your outfits. Just let this brave frog fly high with your dreams!

Stainless Shaver Hook

Does your bathroom countertop need decluttering? Hang this Stainless Shaver Hook on a wall or in the shower. Hint: It’s great for hanging your loofah, too! Simple but perfect, it will bring you much convenience during your shower time!

Vintage Inspired Print Long Sleeve Shirt

With a hint of vintage elegance, this long-sleeve button down shirt is a great choice for wearing into the office. Pair it with matching slacks and heels, or perhaps go casual with jeans and boots. There are two colors to choose from, each offering its own charms.

Poached Egg Floor Mat

Are you looking for a fun and cute mat for your bathroom, or living room? This poached egg mat is made from TPE material and has a three-dimensional surface with fast water absorption that gives it a cuddly feel you’ll love. Whether you’re getting one for you or getting one for a friend, you’re sure to adore this mat each time you look at it.

Floral Casserole Dish

The Floral Casserole Dishes are cute and functional ceramic pieces for the kitchen. Whether you’re wanting to share your favorite meal with loved ones at home or searching for the perfect gift, we’re sure that one of our three unique dishes will get the job done.

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