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DIY Sushi Kit: Make Your Own Sushi Rolls

DIY Sushi kit


This one is for the sushi lovers. Make your favorite sushi in the comfort of your own home with this simple DIY sushi kit.

Do you love sushi? Are you always going to the best restaurants to feed your sushi craving? Then you need this kit!

This DIY sushi kit makes the whole process super easy. You don’t have time for a five hour sushi making class, you need simple, quick and efficient! Not only is this great for sushi experts but beginners will enjoy the fun too.




DIY Sushi Kit


The DIY sushi kit includes everything you need except the fillings. This is where you can get creative and make any type of sushi you prefer. The kit comes with a shopping guide for sushi favorites and a drink guide to pair the best wines. Items included in the kit are: Sushi Rice, Rice Vinegar, Nori Wraps, Sesame Seeds, Wasabi Powder, Soy Sauce and a Rolling mat for foolproof shaped sushi. The kit makes 8 rolls, great for date night, a family gathering or a party!




DIY Sushi Kit


  1. Cook sushi rice in rice cooker or on stove (about 25 minutes)
  2. Place in large bowl to let cool
  3. In a small sauce plan combine rice vinegar, 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt. (Cook over medium heat until sugar dissolves)
  4. Pour vinegar mixture into rice, mix well and let cool.
  5. Set up your work space, with sushi fillings, place rolling mat on flat surface.
  6. Place nori wraps lengthwise, start filling in with rice (dip fingers in water to keep rice from sticking)
  7. Sprinkle sesame seeds on rice
  8. Your choice: Flip over nori to place rice on out side for ‘uramaki’ aka inside out rolls or keep it simple, leave the rice on the inside.
  9. Place fillings in center of nori, Keep fillings thin and spread out for easy rolling.
  10. Begin rolling nori!

Repeat steps 6-10 for each roll. Wet a sharp knife to cut 6 even slices. Serve fresh with soy sauce or wasabi, dip and enjoy!




DIY Sushi kit


The DIY Sushi kit is a splendid gift for any foodie in your life. If you know someone who loves to cook, has a love for sushi or enjoys DIY kits then this is the kit they need. It’s unreal how simple this kit is, it only took me two tries to get the perfect roll! It becomes so fun, you just can’t stop at one.





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