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10 Music-themed Gifts Worth Giving

The 75th Annual Tony Awards were held on June 12, 2022, to recognize achievement in Broadway productions during the 2021–22 season. Whether you’re looking for a gift to honor this historical event or just want to find something the musician or music lover in your life will love, this guide has you covered. From music-themed pieces of jewelry, and music boxes, to Bluetooth earbuds with excellent sound quality, there’s something for everyone!

Musical Note Earrings

Music is something that can be appreciated in so many ways. You can listen, you can dance, you can learn, and of course- you can wear it! These stylish earrings are a great way to show your love for music everywhere you go. With musical notes dangling from the dainty post, these earrings are sure to make a statement with any outfit.

Musical Note Clips

Music is a universal language and these Musical Note Clips are the perfect way to document your musical memories. Use them to clip photos, music scores, memos, or anything else you needs to remember. The clips have a creative note design that will make you want to play some music right now!

Musical Note Brooch

Choose between a treble clef and an eighth note! These beautifully crafted brooches are the perfect gift for musicians, music teachers, composers, and those who just love music. Whether you are getting one for yourself or it is to be a gift for someone special, you’ll fall for the charms of these little brooches.

Rose Crystal Ball Music Boxes

Music is a powerful thing. It can conjure up images of happiness, sadness, or even unbridled joy. The Rose Crystal Ball Music Boxes are created with love, care, and attention to give you that kind of power! Whether you’re simply placing it on a shelf to admire the beauty of the rose or enjoying the perfect pure sounds of Castle in the Sky, this music box is sure to make for a thoughtful choice in a gift for someone special.

Music Player Keychain

The Music Player Keychain plays Castle in the Sky and comes in an array of colors to match any mood, outfit, or occasion. Its industrial, retro look is perfect for a night out on the town or a day at the office. Plus, it’s perfect for taking musical elements with you everywhere.

Sheet Music Mug

You love music. You love coffee. But you have no idea what to do with that old mug of yours. Throw it away? No! We have the solution! Inspired by sheet music, this mug is made of high-quality ceramic so you can sing your heart out while drinking your morning coffee. Show your love for music with our Sheet Music Mug that will stand out from all the boring mugs you currently own!

Creative Music Note Table Lamp

Want to spruce up your music room? Need a night light for the kids’ room? The Creative Music Note Table Lamp is perfect for you. This unique lamp features a beautiful music note design that will add an artistic element to any decor. It’s a must-have for any music lover!

Vinyl Record Player

Vinyl records are so much more than just the music they contain. They’re a timeless treasure that will remind you of your favorite memories. The sound is richer, warmer, and fuller than anything else out there. Plus, nothing makes listening to tunes an entire event quite like our Vinyl Record Player. It’s offered in four colors that will complement your home decor and it plays your most loved songs on command. It’s a perfect gift for the music lovers in your life!

Fun Music Note Toy

Our Fun Music Note Toy is a great way to keep your brain sharp with a challenging puzzle. Made of durable zinc alloy, this toy will last for years of enjoyment and can be used to pass the time when you’re bored. When it’s not in use, it can be hung on the wall as a decoration or displayed on your desk as a symbol of your intelligence and your love of music!

Plymouth Earbuds

Connect these earbuds to your favorite device and get lost in your music. Whether it’s a morning run or an evening jog, let your favorite tunes follow you wherever you go. Our retro earbuds are designed for optimum sound quality with no wires to get in your way. These earbuds will make you want to leave them out and on display!

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