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How to Grow a Lush Plant or Garden with Ecocube


Interested in planting and growing your own flowers and herbs but don’t have a green thumb?  Plant a seed that won’t die and reap the fruits of your harvest this summer with ecocube!

We’ve all had that moment in our life where we felt hopeful and adventurous and thought, “Ya know, eating some of my own homegrown strawberries or basil would be pretty great!”  So you went to the local gardening store, Home Depot or Osh and bought some seeds.  You then ventured off into the backyard to start your secret garden, that would soon be filled with vegetables, flowers and more.

And right there. Right in that moment. That’s where the fantasy ended. It’s right when you started to dig into the soil, plant your seed and cover up the hole with soil, you realized you low key don’t know what you’re doing and this isn’t the life for you.

Or maybe you faithfully tended to your seedlings, watered them, pulled up weeds and you still got no results. Or maybe you know all of the gardening tips and tricks in the book but you don’t have access to a backyard.

Well fret not, because all of your plant growing dreams can come true with the ecocube.  Organic seeds and soil are delivered to your doorstep ready to grow in a biodegradable alder wood cube planter.

How ecocube Works


April 19, 2017 ecocube and ecocan

First choose from a variety of different seeds to grow. Ecocube offers a wide variety of flowers, herbs and even trees. We chose to grow basil and gerbera!  Each cube comes with care instructions on the packaging that tells you how to best care for your plant.  Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and not skip over any steps.

For the basil and gerbera, simply remove the sticker covering the top of the cube, sprinkle the seeds on top of the soil and gently press the seeds below the soil surface.  Pour about 1/8th cup of water on the seeds once a day, and make sure not to over water.  Place the ecocube in a bright warm place, where the plant can receive plenty of sunshine. Continue this cycle all the way through the plant’s life.

But When Will It Grow?

Carefully caring for your ecocube plant and still not seeing any growth?  Just stay patient.  You’re dealing with a living thing, and growth takes time 🙂

Each plant will have a different growth time, so make sure to continue caring for your plant at least 2 weeks after you pass the expected growth time.  Our basil took 1 week to sprout, and our gerbera took 3 weeks before we saw any progress.


May 17, 2017 ecocube and ecocan

What Next?

Once your plant is in full bloom, you have several options to work with. You can transfer your plant into a garden bed so it has more room to grow.  Or if you’re growing a tree and it needs re-potting, cover the whole biodegradable cube with soil in a pot or directly in the ground.  Make sure to read our future blog post that will show the growth of our basil and gerbera!

These ecocubes are the perfect gift to give to friends, family and co-workers.  It really is a unique gift that keeps on giving!


June 23, 2017 ecocube and ecocan



July 14. 2107 Ecocube and Ecocan

Plant one of these ecocubes or buy one of these garden items to help build a plant filled world!


All the rewards that come with growing things from seed – without the hassle. These eco-friendly Ecocubes come ready to grow with organic seeds and soil in a biodegradable alder wood cube planter. Grow your own herb garden, flowers or trees.

Mini Garden Gel Pen

A perfect gift for story writers of all ages! This Mini Garden Gel Pen comes topped with a clear little plastic planter and real seeds you can watch grow. When the seeds sprout, you will find all the waiting and hard work have been rewarded!

Garden In A Bag

Available in 8 options, you can choose whichever you like, or just collect them all in your home! Patient waiting is required during the growing process. Our Garden in a Bag is the perfect gift for your favorite urban gardener (or for your not-very-green-thumb self!)

Garden-in-a-Can Set (4-pack)

Even if you are new to planting, no worries, just follow our instructions and you will get the results you want! This 4 pack herb garden in a can set lets you seed and grow your own organic basil, sage, dill and cilantro. Using Biochar technology your plants get a nutrient rich soil base that retains moisture. A great gift for everyone – from the little gardener to the seasoned chef.

Self-Watering Planter

Water it once a week, and later then you can get your own small tomatoes! It’s easier than you think! A clay olla pot maximizes the self-watering capacity of your seeds while leaving plenty of room for a tomato plant to grow. A great gift for gardeners and tomato lovers.

Secret Garden Moss Terrarium

Are you looking for a mini moss terrarium that makes you relaxed whenever you see it? Featuring live moss and a secret garden gated landscape, this is an excellent table or shelf decor piece that is sure to make a statement.

Cat Paw Planter

For a cat lover, this planter would be a perfect gift! Designed in a cute cat paw shape, it has five holes for your succulents. Plants may not be included with this planter, but you have the freedom to add beautiful succulents or ferns for a pop of green anywhere in and around your home.

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