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Hover Camera: A compact, safe drone for hands-free selfies

Hover Camera developed by Zero Zero Robotics is new portable selfie camera drone that is about to launch in the market. Compared to the Lily camera drone that also follows users to shoot HD videos, the Hover Camera is more compact and safe. Its propellers are enclosed in a carbon fiber case that can fold into the size of a video cassette. You can touch and engage with the drone even when it is flying. It autonomously flies and follows users to shoot 4K selfie videos and 13 MP pictures.

How does the Hover Camera work?

Powered by groundbreaking Artificially Intelligence technology embedded on a quarter-size circuit board, Hover Camera automatically flies and balances when it is released in the air. It tracks users relying on advanced face and body reorganization without relying on GPS or a separate tracker.  You can control the camera angle and drone movement by swiping the screen and pressing the button on the mobile app.

Hover camera

Key features

  • High-definition videos: It takes 13-megapixel pictures and 4K video with a dual-tone flash.
  • Electronic Image Stabilization: It captures stable videos while flying and turning.
  • Portable: It weighs only 238 grams (below the FAA limit for mandatory drone registration), and is foldable for easy carrying.
  • Carbon fiber enclosure: It is made from light and sturdy material for safe user experience.
  • Panorama: It rotates 360 degrees to shoot all-around views.

Hover camera

How to use the Hover Camera?

  1. Unfold the Hover Camera and throw it in the air
  2. Let it recognize and follow you to shoot selfie pictures or videos
  3. Adjust camera pitch using the WiFi-connected mobile app
  4. Grab the hovering camera to retrieve it

Hover camera

Price and timeline

The company has not announced a retail price for the drone, but it is targeting for somewhere below $600 according to Engadget.  While it is still unsure when the Hover Drone will launch in the market, you can join a waiting list by clicking the button below to receive updates about the product and priority for ordering once it is released.


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