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FoldiMate is robotic laundry-folding machine that claims to save your marriage

“Who should fold the laundry?” has been a question that triggers countless family fights. FoldiMate, the robotic laundry-folding machine, might be the invention that saves your marriage, or at least saves your time. About the size of a regular washer/dryer, FoldiMate is designed to automate the last step of your laundry cycle. Just clip your clothes on the rack, the machine will fold, de-wrinkle, perfume your laundry, and deliver a neat stack of clothes, ready to put away in your wardrobe.

How does it work

Clipping: The Easy Clipping feeder allows you to hang shirts, pants, and towels to the front rack. FoldiMate handles up to 20 items at once, and it takes about 3 seconds to attach each piece.

Folding: The robotic arms inside the machine will pull in each item and fold it neatly like a profession. It takes ~10 seconds to fold each piece.

Optional treatment: FoldiMate can de-wrinkle your clothes with steam and even perfume, soften, sanitize them, all within 20-30 seconds.

Delivering: All your laundry will be stacked nicely on the bottom tray for storage.

Key benefits

  • Easy to use: Anyone, even your kids, can use it.
  • Time-saving: At least two times faster than manually folding
  • Neat folding: Make consistent, high-quality folds
  • De-wrinkling: Remove wrinkles and help save some of your ironing time
  • Treatments: Add perfume and soft touches to your laundry


Price and timeline

The target market price of FoldiMate is between $700 to $850, a little higher than an average washer or dryer. While many are eager to own FoldiMate today, the company will only start pre-ordering in 2017. First units are planned to ship out by 2018. You can check out www.foldimate.com to learn more and register for pre-order updates. If you pay a deposit of $85 now after registration, you will be among the first owners of FoldiMate and receive a 10% discount off the full price.


This product has received polarized reactions from the social media. Some couldn’t wait to use its help and enjoy more quality family time. Others blamed it as another invention that makes people lazier. A 2014 Whirlpool customer survey suggested 46% homeowners wanted an appliance that folds clothes. Do you want to own FoldiMate?

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