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Spooktacular Showdown: Wrapping Up Our Halloween Contest Extravaganza!

Greetings, fellow specters and goblins! Though Halloween may be a ghost of the past, the magic of our Costume Contest lives on. As we reminisce 20 days later, let’s take a spirited stroll down memory lane and relive the hauntingly delightful moments that made our campaign unforgettable. Join us in this post-Halloween reflection, as we share a glimpse into the captivating costumes that bewitched our virtual stage.

Launching on October 16th, our amazing picture collection campaign brought together a cauldron of creativity and Halloween spirit. By October 30th, we carefully selected the top 10 entries to enter the final showdown. The fate of these bewitching entries lay in the hands of our spirited community, who cast their votes in the comments section. The chilling moment arrived on November 2nd when we unveiled the winner of the coveted $300 gift card – none other than the spooktacular Strawberrykiss_3!

A heartfelt thank you to our multitude of fans who enthusiastically joined the festivities, showcasing their fantastic costume photos. Now, let’s relish the enchanting visual feast as we showcase the hauntingly delightful entries that made this Halloween campaign truly memorable.

by IG @Strawberrykiss_3

by IG @mackie_noel 1

by IG @ashleyspooner_

 by IG @miss_mama_xo

Alongside our finalists, we stumbled upon some remarkable entries that, while not making the final cut, brimmed with charm and creativity. Though they missed the spotlight, these snapshots are a treat for the eyes and deserve a moment in the Halloween hall of fame. Take a peek and applaud these unsung heroes for their spirited contributions!

by IG @imadriana05

by IG @hudsonbyhudson

by IG @4thelveofdogs

As our Halloween Costume Contest curtains draw to a close, we celebrate the creativity that illuminated our campaign. From finalists to unsung heroes, each participant added their unique magic. Thank you for making this unique journey unforgettable! Let’s look forward to more exciting campaigns in the future! Stay tuned for what’s to come!

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