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Crystal DIY Cherry Blossom Tree Kit: How To

DIY Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom trees are in full bloom and it’s time you have one for your house. No we don’t have a real cherry blossom tree to offer, but we do have this super easy DIY kit to make your very own DIY Cherry Blossom tree!

With a few easy steps you can bloom an adorable look-a-like tree. The kit includes, 10 brown pipe cleaners, 10 pink pipe cleaners, a pack of borax, a pack of white crystals and string wire.

DIY Cherry Blossom

DIY Cherry Blossom: Step-By-Step

    1. Take 5 brown chenille stems, fold in half. Twist the bottom half of the stems to create a trunk shape.
    1. Secure the trunk with the wire
    1. Shape the top half of the chenille stems into branches. Add more brown chenille stems to main branches. The more the better. Cut stems to shape the branches.
    1. Wrap the pink chenille stems to the end of the branches and prune the tree to fit in display.
    1. Add powdered borax to boiling hot water in a glass container. Stir the solution until fully dissolved. Use a smaller container for better results. 
    1. Hang the tree on a stick upside down and soak the branches in the borax solution for about 12 hours.
    1. Remove the tree from solution, carefully dry the tree for better placement.
    1. Tape the trunk on the wood base. Cover the base with clear crystals.
    1. Cover the glass dome.
  1. Enjoy!

DIY Cherry Blossom

Making the DIY Cherry Blossom is fun and easy! Arts and crafts aren’t just for kids, adults can have fun too. The DIY cherry blossom is gorgeous to display in your home, room or office. Show off your crafty skills!  This is a great unique gift option for Mother’s Day. Create one for your mom as a present, or let her have fun and create her own. Even better, get one for yourself and your mom, enjoy a craft day together. Mother’s love quality time. 

DIY Cherry Blossom

Now that you made this crystallized tree, you just can’t stop. This solution is easy to make at home. Create more fun crafts with pipe cleaners and borax, try a cactus or rose or strings of pipe cleaners for ornaments. Show us your charming cherry blossom tree on social media! Upload a picture and tag us in the photo! 

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Watch the magic happen!

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