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Great Holiday Gifts Under $25

Once you hit a certain age you realize that $25 can only get you so far in life. We want to give you the best of the best and a bang for your buck. So we decided to round up all of our favorite gifts under $25.

All of these products are hand picked and approved by us in the office. We can say with confidence that these are some of the best items and gifts that we would want to receive and give.

All of these gifts under $25 are unique and special gifts that embody what we believe to be Apollo Box.

Home Decor Gifts Under $25

Buy fun home decor items that will make your home feel more like “you.” Cool gifts don’t need to be expensive and we were able to round up some of our favorite home decor gifts under $25.

LED Leaf String Lights

Finger Touch Drum Set

Cherry Blossom String Lights

Kitchen Accessories Under $25

Stock up your or your friend’s kitchen with pretty and modern accessories that are under $25. Make cooking more fun and serve your creations on marble cheese boards and personality filled plates.

Rainbow Glass Plates

Hex Nut Vegetable Spiral Slicer

Drink Accessories Under $25

A home isn’t complete without drinking accessories. Buy one of these drinking themed gifts under $25 for your next house warming party. Any host would love to own one of these drinking necessities.

Deep Blue Coffee Cup and Saucer

Mushroom Cocktail Glass

Mount Fuji Cocktail Glass

Heart-Shaped Cocktail Glass

Spa & Personal Care Gifts Under $25

We all need some TLC and to practice personal care every once in a while. Self-Care products shouldn’t cost that much money. So we made sure to gather gifts that will help you relax, feel pampered, and not worry about money spent.

Hilarious Illustrated Toilet Paper

Cube Partition

Pastime Decorations and Toys Under $25

Chair Shaped Mobile Phone Holder

Creative Rubik’s Cube

Decorative Bamboo Insects

Luminous Glasses

Click here to find more unique gifts under $25!

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