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10 Awesome Christmas Gifts for the Different Kinds of People in Your Life

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It’s one heck of a task to select Christmas gifts for everybody, and this might be the 1000th gift guide you’ve read this week. Unfortunately, your ungrateful family is not going to appreciate all the efforts unless you turn up with some goodies. So here’s gift guide 1001.

Modern CD Player

Everybody loves music, but we all know a certain someone who likes to pretend that the sound of a CD is better than that of a phone as if he/she could actually tell the difference. And this is just the perfect gift for that guy. Besides CDs, it can also play music through USB, SD card, and Bluetooth. And to be fair, it looks pretty good.

Beautiful Irregular Design Dish

Look at those magnificent blueberries! Probably not a great gift for most guys, but the ladies will most likely appreciate those delicious-looking plates. They come in different sizes, so you could get a whole set of them to show your mom, your wife, or your grandma just how much you care about this family, so in the future, they’ll forgive you for not helping with the dishes – probably.

Christmas Tree Glass Jar String Lights

Keep this one for yourself if you want your Christmas decoration to be the best in town – if you care about being the best. If not, then send it to that lady you know who’s competitive about this kind of thing – for a good reason, obviously.

Artist Inspired Rubik’s Cube

Each of these Rubik’s Cubes features the works of a famous artist. You can pick from Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Monet, and Picasso. This is going to make a fine gift for almost everybody except maybe some high school kids who are too cool for it. But you can give it to smarter people.

Aviator Cat Cap

There’s a good reason why we put the cap on top of Anna Karenina. It’s because they’re both masterpieces. Ok, probably not the book. But what matters is how cool these Aviator Cat Caps look. You should definitely send one to a skater friend of yours.

Tulle Christmas Tree

If you’re like me, your reaction is probably “Thank God I don’t have to spend time getting a stupid tree in my house anymore!” That’s the spirit, my friend! And, if you have a little girl, this Christmas Tree is sure to make her smile.

Cat Throw Pillow

Are you thinking about getting a cat? Well, don’t. Just get this pillow instead. It’ll do more for you than a real cat ever will. It’ll keep you company, make you warm and comfortable, and let you throw it around without complaints. What does a real cat do? Turn you into a slave!

Intricate Clock Design Bookmark

Reading can be boring, and this bookmark is definitely not going to make you fall in love with reading. But now you’ll have something to talk about while others are discussing books. You can now share the interesting story of how you got tricked into buying this stunning bookmark!

Stainless Steel Cutter – Potato Chipper

This is simply the perfect gift for your husband this Christmas. Make sure he opens the gift box in front of you. Then, as his smile freezes and he looks at you, confused, tell him, “Honey, I love you to death. Now go make me the crispiest chips ever.”

Middle Earth Wall Map

Almost everyone knows at least one LOTR nerd in their life. Gifting them the One Ring is definitely a stupid idea. They probably are wearing five of them already. But the map! The map shows passion, recognition, and longing for adventures!

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