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Indian Wild Design—Forest School

NUDES is a collaborative design office founded by Nuru Karim, and is comprised of architects, designers, artists, builders and thinkers operating within the fields of architecture, urban-ism, research and development.

As part of a competition to design a new school in Pune, NUDES reveals its winning entry, titled the ‘forest’— A forest school in India with a rooftop cycle track and ‘live’ skin. This design incorporates “Nature”, “Learning”, “Reuse”, “Plant”, and “Play” as its main principles.

These two chimneys are covered by greenery connected to the roof track. It provides high-quality learning experiences for all students (K-12) in a welcoming and supportive environment.

The roof also serves as the location of exhibitions or forums.

Students don’t look out windows daydreaming about nature, they’re studying in it.

The atrium, which enjoys plenty of sunshine, is a circular corridor where students can cultivate their own plants, paint and socialize to exchange ideas…….

Designed into the basement is a heated swimming pool, tennis court and skylights that allow much natural sunlight throughout.

Main classrooms ring the exterior to access natural light and a large briefing room is on the ground floor. Four elevators and staircases are located in the interior along with comfort facilities.

School in Africa

The following pictures show another project from NUDES that envisions a secondary school in Malawi. NUDES uses locally sourced, organic materials to create a breathable skin for the school.

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