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How to Make Your Corridor Functional and Welcoming

Although the corridor isn’t a “room” in the traditional sense, it shouldn’t be neglected. When some guests come to visit, your corridor is the first thing they see, so it gives your friends a first impression of your home. No matter if they are short or long, cramped or spacious, we can adopt some unique design to make the most use of this area.

Reading Area

Set up bookcases or book cabinets in the quiet corridor to change this space into a reading area at home. If the place is large enough, you can also place a small desk and couch, etc., making the overall vibe more comfortable and suitable for reading.

Rest Area

In the corridor near the window, you can set up a seat and arrange some decorations. When you stay at home, you can lean against the window, bask in the sun and take a nap. It won’t take too much space, but it allows you to enjoy your home leisure time.

Storage Area

There are many scattered things all over your home, so why not change the corridor into a storage area? You can install some hooks, lockers, etc. here, which is both functional and beautiful.

Painting Area

Most families with children need to arrange a blackboard wall in the corridor so that the children can do some graffiti. You can also accompany them to complete a painting seriously if you are willing to. Therefore, not only can such an area enrich the spatial hierarchy, but also it will strengthen your parent-child relationship.

Art Deco Area

When you see a large corridor, do you also think of various galleries? Families who love art might as well turn the walls on both sides of the corridor into art exhibitions. In addition to famous paintings, you can also hang some photos, your own paintings, and all kinds of favorite pictures that are meaningful to your life. They will instantly upgrade the style of the whole house so that you can revel in art all day long.

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