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SIMPLICITY IS BEAUTY! Black and White Interior Design

Black And White Space

Fresh new design by ONE TONE ARCHITECTS. This is a 728.7 ft² apartment designed by Vlad Drozdov, features a black and white color combination. Single black color, or single white color, presents a sense of boredom and monotony. But when two colors collide, it creates a low-key sense of luxury, which is more reserved and beautiful.

White color is the main color of the sitting room, paired with a light gray cloth art sofa, a carpet, and a simple gray coffee table. The green plant becomes the only vivid embellishment to the room and creates an aesthetic and tranquil ambiance. How pleasant it is to lie in such a sitting room after a hard day’s work?

The whole kitchen lighting, curtains, sinks and accessories are mainly in black, giving an elegant and sophisticated feel, which displays a sharp contrast to the sitting room. The French windows endows the kitchen space with good air permeability, while the unique branch styled pendent lamp brings out a sense of modernism and interest.

The black, white, and gray colors at the entryway adds an artistic touch to the details.

The bedroom is in black and white likewise, which creates a modern and contemporary charm. The white color brings serenity and peace to the bedroom, while the black color showcases calmness and steadiness.

The black and white bathroom appears especially fresh without extra decor. In addition, the surface of the delicate washbasin is covered with fine-grained marble, which improves the overall level in the space.



As a young and experienced Belarusian designer, Vlad Drozdov loves to tell the story behind everything that happens in daily life. He has brought positive changes to his clients with sincerity and flexibility, while adding value to their lives.

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