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Two-bedroom Apartment Design with Unique Aesthetic Details

Located in the center of St. Petersburg, this apartment is designed by Bodes Studio. The interior design is dominated by simple style with excellent details and quality, bringing the warmth of home to you.

The light gray tone and wood material of the hallway convey a fresh feeling like a gentle breeze. The full-length mirror on the wall intersects with the light strip on the top, rendering a quiet, simple and tasteful space.

The open-plan combines the living room, kitchen, and dining room together.

The L-shaped two-color modular sofa and round side table in the living room adopt simple geometric lines to outline a clean and simple picture, displaying the geometric beauty of square and circular shapes.

The wall on the side is decorated with brighter colors, which is very eye-catching in a space of simple and elegant tones. It is also decorated with green plants to enrich the sense of hierarchy in the space.

The white strip wood TV background features a modern minimalist style.

The kitchen and dining room are behind the sofa, and the material changes of the wooden floor and marble tiles are used to divide the area.

The kitchen is equipped with built-in appliances and the surface of the cabinet blends with the wall. The dining area is designed as a bar counter. The yellow high stools, wine glass racks, and the design chandelier on the top are paired in harmony.

The master bedroom is tiled with a natural and warm wooden floor, while the concrete wall with mottled traces reflects a vintage and nostalgic sentiment.

The soft and comfortable headrest brings the space a more relaxed vibe. Cotton, linen and knitted bedding products also display the different types of gray in a harmonious way.

The specialty shaped chandelier meets your lighting needs for reading before going to bed.

The bay window is made into a tatami, on which the soft cushions also create a comfortable and pleasant vibe. The locker below can store all kinds of small items, and the rattan decorations placed next to it also highlight the serenity and beauty of life.

There is a walk-in cloakroom in the master bedroom, and the warm yellow light strip adds a sense of stylish light luxury to the space. This open layout also has a high utilization rate.

The designer also transformed the original balcony space into a practical working area, making full and reasonable use of every inch of the area.

Wooden materials frame the entire space, bringing a warm and rustic texture, and the large-area windows also meet the needs of light.

The main bathroom adopts vertical striped embossed glass as a sliding door to ensure both indoor lighting and privacy.

The simplified structure in the bathroom is clear at a glance. The space becomes brighter and more spacious by removing obvious boundaries. The milky coffee-toned tiles and the elegant black metal also achieve the ultimate in comfort and beauty.

The washbasin adopts a circular structure, which looks more artistic.

The design of dry and wet separation in the shower room reduces the moisture in the air, and different areas can be used at the same time, which saves time.

The wall of the second bedroom is dominated by a combination of gray and light pink colors that are supplemented by spherical chandeliers and wood-colored floors. This makes it so that the plain space will not appear monotonous.

Different from most minimalist spaces, the designer chooses a red painting as decoration, which not only enlivens the vision, but also greatly enhances the sense of fashion in the space.

To finish a minimalist interior design, designers need to go deep into life, think over and over carefully, so as to create a space that is both beautiful and practical.

The small balcony of the second bedroom is set up as a leisure area, using thick gray fabric curtains to protect the privacy of the internal space.

The design of the second bathroom tends to be minimal, and the wall tiles are plain, bright and attractive.

Although the space is small, all the necessary facilities are included here. The designer perfectly realizes the combination of function and beauty through the scientific planning and division.

The laundry room has a powerful storage function, and storage compartments of different sizes are tailored by the designer according to the items and the usage habits.

The washing machine and the dryer are stacked up and down, which is convenient to use.

Location: St. Petersburg

Design: Bodes Studio

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