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122㎡ New Chinese-style Apartment with Unique Wooden Partitions

Located in Baku, Azerbaijan, this apartment covers an area of 122 square meters and is designed by MANARCH Studio. The designer is very meticulous in the color scheme and material, so that the whole space exudes an elegant oriental charm.

Two bedrooms are distributed at both ends of the space. The open-plan living room and kitchen occupy much area, providing ample space for family activities.

Axonometric Drawing
Floor Plan

The living room and dining room are separated by the bookshelf, and the exquisite carved patterns and curved shapes on it bring zenist serenity visually.

The light gray sofa pairs well with dark green cushions, and the rattan floor lamp also echoes the color of the wooden coffee table.

The niches at both ends of the TV background wall are equipped with built-in light strips, adding a bright color to the white wall.

A niche is also built into the wall next to the sofa, while the bookcase and TV background wall are combined together to provide a lot of decorative space.

Behind the living room is the study room, and the textured background wall is very eye-catching.

The carpet under the dining table pairs well with the carpet in the living room and the chandelier above also adopts rattan elements.

The sleek six-seater wooden dining table, equipped with rattan chairs, makes the whole picture quiet and comfortable.

The kitchen and dining room are also in an open layout, decorated with green cabinets and white tiled splash-proof panels, creating a peaceful and fresh feeling.

The frosted glass cabinets emit warm yellow light, presenting the visual effect of combining virtual and reality.

The layout of the master bedroom is very elegant. The beige carpet and the curved line of the bed’s headboard, plus the wall panels with simple lines, create a symmetrical beauty.

The halo formed by the minimalist chandelier at the bedside surrounds the bedside table, which is quiet and warm.

The handles of the white cabinets are made of metal rings, which enhances the overall texture through details.

The decoration of the children’s room is also in simple style. The bed is embedded in the cabinet, creating a dreamy feeling for the child.

Cabinets are added to the niches on both sides to add more storage space.

Pink mountains were painted on the walls, and a small tent was set up on the side where children can read or play, enjoying a comfortable time.

The bathroom is dominated by the green tone that is paired with brown washbasins and cabinets, bringing a vibe of retro charm.

Design: MANARCH Studio

Area: 122 square meters

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

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