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110㎡ Duplex Apartment Filled with Aesthetic Designs

This 110㎡ contemporary and minimalist duplex apartment is designed by SVOYA studio. The whole space combines light and shadow, material, colors, and other elements together to create a stylish living environment.

Floor Plan

The first floor is a private lounge area with a bedroom and toilet. The bedroom is divided into two areas, one is a rest area and the other is a cloakroom.

The design of the bedside background is very unique. The square wooden strips are used to decorate the wall surface, which echoes the geometric line chandeliers on both sides of the bed, showing a unique design element.

The dresser design at the end of the bed is very simple. The white tabletop, velvet seat, and makeup mirror with mirror lamp are refreshing and stylish.

The adjacent cloakroom is designed in black, which is also one of the common colors in modern style. It is cool but not cold, highlighting the texture.

The main bathroom is spacious, with a marble patterned veneer, which not only achieves functionality, but also makes the bathroom more beautiful.

 The glass between the bathtub and washing area is designed for wet and dry separation. To complete the look, the brass faucets and functional light strips add aesthetic highlights to the whole space.

The lower floor is an open-plan living space, where the living room, kitchen and dining room are arranged.

The walls next to the stairs are finished with marble-textured tiles that are paired with brass decorative strips, exuding a sense of high-fashion. There is also a set of chandeliers at the top of the staircase, with impressive shaped light heads as an added design element.

The matching light strip installed at the bottom of the wooden step surface offers beautiful aesthetics while ensuring safety.

On the lower level, the marble tiles extend all the way to the TV background wall.

The light gray sofa is L-shaped and pairs well with an oval coffee table and carpet. In addition, the space is embellished with beige fabric curtains and some metal elements, to show full personality without complication.

There is a bar counter next to the sofa. The dark wood countertop is paired with silver-gray velvet high stools for a natural look. The simple lines and generous layout bring the contemporary household a fashionable feeling.

The open kitchen adopts the most classic black and white tones, and the black ceiling cabinet hides the range hood, which enhances the overall coordination while keeping a beautiful look.

The storage space next to it is combined with wine cabinets and kitchen appliances to bring a stylish and simple home effect, which is visually pleasing.

The dining area is at the rear of the living room. The round dining table is surrounded by five chairs, and the golden pillar at the bottom compliments the three chandeliers at the top.  

In order to improve the space utilization, the designer arranged a reading area next to the dining table. The wall is decorated with a large round mirror, which adds a playful touch while bringing a sense of space extension.

The children’s room is dominated by gray, and the designer combines the bed with the cabinet. There is not too much decoration, but it makes people feel warm and comfortable.

A learning space is by the window, featuring a large area of bookcases which can store many books.

The design of the bathroom also continues the simple style. White sanitary ware and black storage compartments form a sharp color contrast.

Design: SVOYA studio

Area: 110㎡

Photo: Alexander Angelovskiy

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