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Hear It From The Pros: What Unique Holiday Gifts These Experts Love from The Apollo Box

We get it. There are thousands of “gift ideas” from morning shows, commercials, media sites, stores, influencers and bloggers.   With so many gift suggestions, how do you know where to start or who to trust?

Well The Apollo Box is super excited to share gift recommendations from a panel of trusted gift experts. Whatever type of gift you’re looking for, you’re set because we have experts that cover all gift categories. Secret Santa gifts, a gift for your best friend, useful, practical gifts, unique gifts, you name it!

Scroll down to meet our experts and see some of their favorite Apollo Box unique holiday gifts.

Gift Expert #1: David Moye, HuffPost Writer

unique holiday gifts

Specializes in Quirky Gifts and White Elephant Gifts

Type of Gift Recommendations: Funny Holiday Gifts

Novelty Tissue Box

unique holiday gifts

“Does your Shakespeare-loving friend come across as a little snot? Well, here’s a gift that really blows.”

Sushi Socks

unique holiday gifts

“These socks not only look like sushi, but they will also probably smell pretty raw after being worn for eight hours.”

Gift Expert #2: Lulu Chang, Business Insider Writer

unique holiday gifts

Specializes in Tech Gifts, Gadgets and Practical Gifts

Type of Gift Recommendation: A Gift for Iced Coffee Lovers

HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker

unique holiday gifts

“At its core, the HyperChiller V2 is a straightforward device … I poured my freshly brewed coffee into the container (it’s compatible with most single serving coffee creations, or just a cup from the communal pot), and 50 seconds later (I’m an impatient person, ok?) I made my first pour. The result was decidedly chilled coffee. It wasn’t lukewarm or on its way to becoming cold — it was as though I had pulled a cup of coffee from the fridge after hours of chilling, but without losing any of the flavor of just-brewed goodness.”

Gift Expert #3: Lauren Giradin, GovLoop Writer

unique holiday gifts

Specializes in Office Gifts and Practical Gifts 

Type of Gift Recommendations: Government Office Appropriate Gifts

Disco Ball Drink Tumblr 

unique holiday gifts

“Holiday parties call for festive drinkware, and nothing adds sparkle to a soirée quite like a disco ball. These disco ball drink tumblers from Apollo Box are BPA free and have a reusable straw. They hold 16 ounces of your favorite holiday beverage. Choose from three colors: silver, green-purple ombre and pink-blue ombre. After the holidays, a disco ball tumbler will add glitz and glam to the average workday.”

 Coffee Press

unique holiday gifts

“Coffee lovers want their coffee anytime, anywhere. The coffee press from Apollo Box is an easy way for your coworker to make coffee at their desk, in a hotel room, on the road, or anywhere they feel the need for a caffeine boost. Just add coffee grounds to the press, immerse it in a cup of hot water and press to get a cup of the good stuff.”

Gift Expert #3: Amber Guetebier, Red Tri Managing Editor

unique holiday gifts

Specializes in Kids Gifts, Mom Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Type of Gift Recommendations: Cute Self-Care Gifts

Mini Cactus Humidifier

unique holiday gifts

“Keep your face hydrated throughout the dry winter days with this Mini Cactus Humidifier, perfect for a desktop or nightstand. It’s lightweight, so you can tote it from work to office if you want, USB powered and has an auto-shut off after four hours. Available in white, gray or with a built-in nightlight!”

Rose Gold Tea Infuser

unique holiday gifts

“Tea never looked so chic. These Rose Gold tea infusers come in strawberry, heart or pineapple shapes, are rose gold-plated stainless steel and the perfect little stocking stuffer you never knew how much you wanted.”

Larry Olmsted, Forbes Senior Contributer

unique holiday gifts

Specializes in Food Gifts, Drinking Gifts and BBQ Tools

Type of Gift Recommendation: A Gift for Grill Masters

Z Grills 7002

unique holiday gifts

Z Grills is one of the new high-tech do-it-all pellet smokers that is perfect for traditional BBQ but also grills, bakes, roasts, braises, and sears, and does all of these easily. The digital thermostat controls an auger that delivers pellets to the fire, automatically adding as needed to regulate the temperature, which covers an extremely versatile 180-450° range. The design also features fan-forced convection heat distribution, so your food gets cooked evenly no matter which side is up, so it’s truly low maintenance, no fuss cooking. As an added bonus, it is much easier to assemble than most grills, and some are a real pain.”

Emily Popp, HelloGiggles Deputy Editor

unique holiday gifts

Specializes in Gifts for Her, Pink Gifts and Cute Gifts

Type of Gift Recommendation: A Gift for Animal Lovers

Ceramic Soup Bowl Set

unique holiday gifts

“Okay, I double dare you to find a bowl cuter than this critter ceramic soup bowl! It comes in three different forest friends: fox, raccoon and squirrel. And each one comes with a lid and matching utensil with a “tail” for a handle. I mean, c’mon. Does it get any more dang adorable than that??”

To see more of Emily’s favorite gifts, click here!

Marisa Losciale, Daily Dot Writer

unique holiday gifts

Specializes in Geek Gifts

Type of Gift Recommendation: For Games of Thrones Fans

 Games of Thrones Makeup Brushes

unique holiday gifts

The set includes eight incredibly detailed brushes featuring sigils and house words on their metal handles. This explains why these brushes are much heavier than your average makeup applicator. But that doesn’t mean they’re any harder to use! If anything, the weight from the decorative handle actually makes the application process easier. And no, the brushes don’t leave imprints or stray hairs in my palettes either.”

Elizabeth Blasi, YourTango Writer

unique holiday gifts

Specializes in Gifts for Her and White Elephant Gifts

Type of Gift Recommendations: A Gift for Quirky Footwear Lovers

Toasted Bread Slippers

unique holiday gifts

Carb lovers rejoice! Instead of ingesting the calories, wear them. It’s a bread basket that Paleo, Adkins, and Whole30 guest can all dig their hands into. These slippers, while also replicated after our favorite dinner rolls, are a super comfy way to walk around the house.”

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