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Ethereal Gift Guide: 10 Best Ideas to Enchant Your Life

Ethereal gifts are the perfect holiday gifts for fairy-loving friends and family. They radiate with delicate, light, or elegant looks. Like unicorns and mermaids, ethereal gifts are enchanting. With so many options, we made a guide for you. From jewelry to home decor and more, there is a holiday ethereal gift for everyone in your life, including yourself!

Crescent Moon Fairy Light Lantern

You’ll fall in love with this lamp. It includes a glass apple or globe that hangs from a crescent moon shaped iron stand wrapped in hemp ropes. String lights in the apple or globe create an ethereal, magical glow that’s perfect for dreamers and lovers of all things heavenly. Great as a gift for your favorite moon lover!

Crystal Ball Music Box

Wind up this music box, and be transported to a dreamy, ethereal world. This rotatable wind-up music box plays Pachelbel’s Canon, while the crystal ball with a 3D landscape in it lights up with the gentle touch of your hand. Offered in three styles, this magical item makes a perfect gift for any music lover.

Opal Eyeshadow

Inspired by opal, this eyeshadow captures the luminosity of this magical gemstone. Iridescent and shimmery, it’s perfect for adding a touch of ethereal radiance to your everyday look or your night-out makeup. All-natural and cruelty-free, this eyeshadow makes the ideal gift for any woman on your list!

Ethereal Lamp

The perfect gift for any design enthusiast, this decorative lamp features an E.P. Light bulb with a colorful flowing pattern that’s made to create an ethereal, otherworldly atmosphere when lit in the dark. The base is shaped like an exclamation mark for added playfulness, and looks great on any desk or table.

Bubble Drop Earrings

Add a splash of ethereal color to your everyday look with these drop earrings. Featuring a trail of silver-rimmed, colorful discs of various sizes, these earrings look like soap bubbles in the sunlight frozen in air, and come with hook or clip-on backs. These earrings make a great gift for any fashion lover on your list!

Glass Bottles with Hemp Rope

Perfect for flowers or other plant life, these glass bottle vases are wrapped with a hemp rope net for an ethereal and rustic touch. Available in seven different styles, this vase makes the perfect centerpiece that sets any space into a bit of nature’s serenity. These glass bottle vases are also the perfect gift to give to those who love anything farm-related.

Wandering Planet Garland Wind Chime

This wind chime is a spectacular way to bring celestial beauty into your home. Hang the wind chime near a window or door to enjoy the calming and pleasant sounds, or mount it in your garden for an ethereal accent. Available in two different colors, this planet with a starry pattern and beaded planetary ring is perfect as a gift for those who love all things space-related!

Vintage-Inspired Music Box

Ornate and ethereal, this zodiac sign music box is a beautiful addition to your home. Select the right design for your star sign, and then wind up the box to enjoy a gentle melody that will transport you to a charming time in history. A thoughtful gift for any music lover or astrology fan, this resin music box can cast colorful light while playing Castle in the Sky.

Thaya Aurora Forest Necklace

Imagine a forest under an aurora, with spruce trees so tall that their tops are lost in the night sky. This necklace captures this vision in its elegant simplicity, with an iridescent moonstone ball surrounded by silver trees. A perfect gift for that special woman in your life, the jewelry piece is offered in light tones for daytime wear and dark tones for nighttime wear.

Northern Lights Mountain Pendant

This necklace is perfect for the woman who wants to add an elegant or ethereal touch to her look. Its round pendant is made of resin and African blackwood, and features a snowy mountain range under auroras. The necklace comes with a black nylon cord, and will be a treasured gift for any fashionista.

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