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23 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom – 2019

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and you know what that means. It’s time to try and find the gift that expresses the right amount of love and thankfulness you feel towards your mom. This year don’t be the kid that forgot to get a gift and blow your sibling’s gift out of the water!  Skip countless hours searching on the internet and use this guide to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for mom based off her personality/hobbies.  

For the Mom that’s Always Looking for That “Perfect Scent”

Is your mom obsessed with candles and always stopping in stores to find that perfect scent? Does she have candles in every room and a scent for every season and holiday? Be the child of the year and surprise her with one of these one-of-a-kind candles and candle accessories!

Crystal Candle

This candle is a work of art and perfect for the modern mom, who loves the latest styles. This stylish candle comes in three different scents and colors. What’s even better is once the candle is used up, your mom will be left with a beautiful crystal.  Choose from Citrine Crystal, Peach Quartz and Amethyst Crystal to liven up your mom’s home.

Mother's Day gift

Tree Branch Candle Holder

Any true candle lover not only has candles but candle accessories. If your mom is a self-proclaimed candle fanatic, then this is the gift for her. Surprise her this Christmas with this earthy and unique candle holder.  Fashioned out of natural tree branches, this candle holder is perfect for mom’s who love the outdoors and nature.

Mother's Day gift

Urban Candle Collection

Moms who appreciate the modern look will love this unique candle set. With our Urban Candle Collection, your mom can finally make her concrete jungle vision come to life .  Next to their chic designs, these candles also have amazing scents like Amber & Smoke, and Salted Grapefruit.

Mother's Day gift

For the Mom with the Greenthumb

Some moms have the knack for growing life and some moms have the gift of buying plants that don’t last too long. No matter where your mom falls on the gardening scale, if she loves plants and the life that they bring, then she’ll love any of these unique gifts.

Geometric Wall Planters

These wall planters are a must have for moms who love new forms of decor and see plants as works of art.  Create a wall garden and display plants in a creative way with these geometric-shaped wall planters.

Mother’s day gift

Water Garden 2.0

Get this fancy Water Garden 2.0 for the mom who is always inspired by the circle of life. This unique ecosystem includes a self-cleaning fish tank topped with an organic garden. The fish feeds the plants and the plants return the favor by keeping the water clean! It’s a great hands-on project for the whole family to enjoy. If your mom loves to take care of fish and plants, this is a great gift for her.

Mother's Day gift


Does your mom want the full garden experience? Buy her this ecocube, which shows her what it’s like to grow and nurture a plant from a seedling.  Plants come ready to grow in a biodegradable wood planter, and moms can choose from a variety of plants, from herbs to flowers.

Mother’s day gift

For the Mom Who Wants to be the Next Julia Child

Is your mom always experimenting new recipes and creating new concoctions in the kitchen?  Does she have stacks of Gourmet magazine’s lying around the house and watches the Food Channel 24/7? Then pick from our list below and gift her with some of the latest cooking tools and ingredients.

Rainbow Titanium Coated Kitchen Knife Set

Make mom’s cooking prep that much easier with this fun Rainbow Titanium Coated Kitchen Knife Set.  With this set of sharp knives, your mom’s prep time will be cut in half.   Each of the knives meets various cutting needs and are suitable for cutting meat, fish, chopping fruits, vegetables, herbs, hard bread crusts, hard cheese, etc. The knife set includes 8″ Chef’s knife, 8″ Bread knife, 7″ Santoku knife, 5″ Utility and a 3.5″ Paring knife. 

Mother's Day gift

DIY Cheese Kit

Is your mom a firm believer in using home-made ingredients? Then set her cooking skills to the test with this DIY Cheese Kit! Packed with ingredients and tools to create both crumbly goat cheese and creamy chevre, your mom can be proud to serve an appetizer or dish that was all made by her. All ingredients are pure, GMO-free and gluten-free.

Mother’s day gift

Animal & Four Season Shaker Set

With this fun seasoning shaker set, mom can celebrate her love for the different seasons or her love for animals. Each cruet set displays 4 trees or 4 animals that stay hidden until your seasonings run low. Buy one for yourself and your mom!

Mother's Day gift

For the Mom Who Watches Wine Wednesday with Kathie Lee and Hoda

Does your mom enjoy a daily glass of wine and sometimes have one too many glasses at dinner parties? Break out any of these unique gifts so your mom can have the best wine experience!

Wine for Two

Is your mom a fan of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and all other white wines? Buy her these Wine for Two glasses. These wine twirls keep a glass of wine cold for up to 45 minutes longer than usual and impact neither flavor nor odor of the wine.

Mother’s day gift

Chevalier Wine Glass

Is your mom kind of a wine snob? Then she’ll love these aerating wine glasses. These visually pleasing glasses release aromas and allow you to taste all of the notes and flavors of your favorite wines.

Mother’s day gift

Dipped Wine Glasses

Does your mom have a growing wine glass collection? This year add some pink into her life and gift her these gorgeous Dipped Wine Glasses. These polished, crystal and copper plated glasses go with any type of home decor and will be the best accessory for her Holiday Winesday Instagram posts.

Mother's Day gift

For the Mom Who Loves Trendy Bling

Is your mom known for sporting the latest jewelry trends and always looking fierce? Then make her the flyest mom on the block and give her trendy jewelry! She’ll love all of our jewelry selections and all of her friends will ask her where she shops.

Dried Flower Crescent Moon Earrings

Does your mom collect floral inspired jewelry?  Then she’ll fall in love with these Dried Flower Crescent Moon Earrings. These handmade earrings have a touch of ethereal style and make any outfit elegant.

Mother's Day gift

Crystal Clover Bracelet

This jewelry gift is for all the moms out there who are obsessed with pink! Our pretty-in-pink clover bracelet showcases a trio of clover charms, sprinkled with sparkling rhinestones. It’s eye-catching, dainty and sparkly! Basically every mom’s dream bracelet.

Mother's Day gift

Custom Charm Bracelet with Multiple Moons

Want to give your mom a gift with a personalized touch? Then surprise her with this stunning and touching Custom Moon Charm Bracelet.  This unique brass plated bracelet can hold up to five moon charms. Each charm can display a moon phase that is accurately based off a meaningful date, such as an anniversary or birth date.

Spectrum Aura Quartz Crystal Necklace 

Whether your mom is looking to expand her consciousness or is searching for that one statement piece to expand her wardrobe, our Spectrum Aura Quartz Crystal necklace is the answer. This gorgeous and colorful necklace features a lineup of 8 aura quartz spears that bring a colorful glow to any outfit.

Mother's Day gift

For the Mom Who Needs to Treat Herself

Do you have a mom who is always doing stuff for others but rarely takes the time to treat herself? Pamper your mom this year and buy her a gift that will remind her she is worth taking care of.  She’s a gem and deserves the best treatment.

Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser (600 ml)

Give your mom the ultimate aromatherapy experience. This multifunction essential oil diffuser is a cool mist humidifier, aromatherapy diffuser and night light all-in-one. Showcasing a unique wood grain pod design, it complements any home or office decor.

Mother's Day Gift

Soap Flower

The delightful floral fragrance of these soap petal flowers will transport your mom to a secret garden. Skilled artisans create each beautiful bloom by hand-placing each pedal. A single flower petal creates enough softening soap lather for up to 10 hand washes.

Mother's Day Gifts

Serenity Salt Bowl

Give your mom this Serenity Salt Bowl to help her keep calm and find her Zen!  With this radiant salt bowl, your mom can breathe in freshly ionized air or diffuse essential oils for spa-worthy aromatherapy. Either way, she’ll love the health promoting properties of these radiant bowls.

Mother's Day gift

For the Mom Who Loves HGTV

Does your mom secretly want to flip homes and is always seeing the latest homes that Chip and Joanna renovate?  Shower her with more house decor and let her live out her home decorating and designing dreams with these unique gifts.

3D Printed Moon Light Pendant

Is your mom a dreamer with her head always up in the clouds? Gift her this dreamy 3D Printed Moon Light Pendant. Realistically romantic, this eye-pleasing ceiling light showcases a 3D printed moon shade that looks as captivating as a real full moon. Feature it in the dining room for romantic dining or set one on each side of the bed for a warm celestial glow. It comes in 3 sizes for creative lighting in any space!

Mother's Day gift

Faux Sheepskin Area Rug

What could be better than greeting the morning with a fluffy faux sheepskin rug beneath your feet? This is a home decor gift for all the glam and boho moms.  This unique rug is soft, comfy and looks great tossed over an easy chair or on the floor.  Click here for colored faux sheep rugs.

Mother's Day gift

Floating Triangle Wall Shelf

Does your mom have a modern taste and prefer minimalist decor? Then surprise her with this elegant and futuristic Floating Triangle Wall Shelf.  It’s decorative decluttering. This eye-catching shelf showcases 4-tiered shelves perfect for displaying photos and knickknacks.

Mother's Day gift

If you can’t decide on just one holiday gift and think your mom deserves the best of the best, check out our gift boxes for moms, and surprise her with a variety of fun gifts.  Make sure to check out our blog next month for a gift guide for dad!

Mother’s day gift

Gift Box for Mom: Time Out

Mother’s day gift

Gift Box for Mom: Elegance

For more gifts for mom, check out our Collection For Moms.

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