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Unique Gifts Under $100

We’ve decided to bring you a quick guide of nice and creative gifts under $100. If you’re spending a good amount of money on someone’s gift, make sure it’s a nice and memorable gift.

Buy your friend or family a unique gift under $100 that they’ll love, appreciate and want to show off!

Terrarium Gifts Under $100

These unique terrariums are gifts under $100 that will never go out of style. Their look, greenery and novelty adds a pleasant look to any room. These decorations are timeless and will be the center of attention in any home.

Mason Jar Terrarium

Science Beaker Terrarium Set

Costa Rica Terrarium

Gadget Gifts Under $100

Cool gadgets are a good go to gift for the tech people in your life. They can never get enough gadgets to play around with and neither can we! Here are a couple of our gadgets under $100. Find more of our gadgets here.

Portable PAPERANG Label Printer

Motion Activated Bedlight

R.E.V. (2-Car Pack) Original

Unique Lights Under $100

A quality lamp adds the perfect atmosphere to a room. Any one of these unique and fun lamps are good gift ideas for a friend or family member who is into their home decor.

Gold Iron Tree Lamp

Angel Wall Lamp

Dome Fairy Light

Jewelry Under $100

Does the person you’re shopping for love unique and expressive jewelry? Give them one-of-a-kind necklaces and earrings that no one else will have and be the best gift-giver of the year!

Star Party Collection Necklace

Mini Moon Earrings

Butterfly Earrings

Outside Gear Under $100

People really appreciate it when you give them a gift that matches their interests. If you know someone who’s an outdoor freak and is always planning adventures outside then these are the gifts under $100 for them.

Moon Phases Yoga Mat

Spider Web Swing

Oasis Stripe Hammock

Home Decor Gifts Under $100

Nice home decor is always an appreciated gift. Quality home decor usually costs $50 and up. Take a look at these home decor gifts under $100 and buy your friend or family a staple home decor piece.

Diatom Mud Quick-drying Mat

Vintage-Inspired Hot Air Balloon Decor

Ostrich Feather Lamp

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