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Spooky Photo Contest Winners

We’re here to announce the winners for our Facebook Spooky Photo Contest event. During the event, contestants were asked to play with our hottest Halloween products in virtual 3D and create spooky pictures for a chance to compete for our three grand prizes. Contestants were asked to abide by only one rule:

While they were encouraged to make use of the special Halloween filters, they were entirely optional – as long as the photograph included an AR product from our store, it was eligible to win. We tallied the votes based on Facebook likes by November 3, 2016.

Here are our Spooky Photo Contest Winners:

First Place: Keith Pekins (113 likes)

Featuring Augmented Reality Product:  Poe’s Raven Skull



Second Place: Ryan Corrigan (72 likes)

Featuring Augmented Reality Product: Erasmus Skull



Third Place: Michelle Lynn (71 likes)

Featuring Augmented Reality Product: Jack Skellington Piggy Bank


Our top 3 finalists won big:

spooky augmented reality

Leather Skull Purse Clutch $350
First Prize

spooky augmented reality

PI DRONE $299.98
Second Prize

spooky augmented reality

“I Get Your Brain” Candle $59
Third Prize

A Special Award Goes to Teff Katherine

For being the first person to post in the event, Teff will receive:

Featured Augmented Reality Product: Anatomical Heart Art Print

 Everyone Else Won

$5 Coupon for everyone who shared a spooky photo on Facebook.

Be on the lookout for more augmented reality events inside the Apollo Box app! Download the app now to try out our AR shopping for yourself!



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