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November Influencer of the Month: RandomfrankP

Professional YouTube influencer RandomFrankP, or Frank Passalacqua, bought his first camera in fifth grade. He and his friends got into film after watching popular MTV show Jackass. They made their own spinoff series called “Random the Movie” starring Passalacqua. They made lots of short videos detailing their adventures, and a few eventually found their way onto YouTube. Back then, the RandomFrankP channel was primarily used for watching videos and posting the occasional short movie. These days, his channel has over 350,000 subscribers, all eager to see his latest tech reviews.

Passalacqua started doing tech videos his junior year of college. On occasion, he would look at YouTube for products he wanted to buy, and wouldn’t be able to find any informational videos for the products he wanted. One day, he bought something and decided to make his own review. It progressed to become more continuous over his last two years in college. In senior year, he posted reviews consistently.

Once he graduated, he made it his full-time job over the summer instead of applying for a 9-5. He looked at his field, compared it to what he was making on YouTube, and figured he’d be close, especially since he still lived at home. When he first got started, he didn’t intend to do YouTube [as a career], but it took off on its own, and he took a chance on it.


Since then, Passalacqua has gotten a bigger budget and more inspiration. At first, his videos were low production value, and the reviews weren’t very good. Now, he’s met a lot of other tech YouTubers and bounced ideas back and forth, such as how they shoot certain things. Passalacqua invested in a lot of gear, like a new camera, lighting, and recording equipment to increase the overall production value.

RandomFrankP spent a brief amount of time as a gaming channel but he noticed that the tech reviews started to be even more popular. He saw tech reviews as a chance to do more video production and get creative with the camera work. He still does plenty of gaming-related videos, but now they’re more focused on hardware.


His success came from paying attention to his audience:

You have to tailor your video to what the audience wants, or else you’re not going to have a channel. It’s cliché to say, but you have to be consistent and make quality videos. If you’re not making good videos, people aren’t going to watch. And if you aren’t making consistent videos, people aren’t going to subscribe. Plenty of people upload a video the first time expecting thousands of views, but they’ll only get 10-20. That’s why there’s millions of people who tried to make a channel and just stopped. You just have to take it as they come.

Passalacqua has partnered with Apollo Box for a number of products. Two of our products were featured in his “Products Under $50” videos (Aurabox and the Death Star Decal). The Aurabox, in particular, was something that really resonated with his audience, because it is a tiny notification device that looks cool on a desk.

For all of what this Aurabox is, whether it be a notification device, or having custom animations on there, a clock, a speaker, it does everything really really well, it sounds great for that price…this is one of my favorite pieces of tech so far this year.

The 55C Thermos was featured in his Back to School video, as a practical item great for the student demographic or coffee addicts.

As a coffee addict myself, this is awesome. I can pour the coffee, be out the door, and not have to worry about it being too hot.

The Butta Handwarmers were featured in his WTF Tech #1 video:

This is the cute little butta, the butta one where it’s shaped like toast. Why is it shaped like toast? I don’t know…If you’re someone who just has poor circulation in your hands, don’t worry, because you can have butta warm them up.


The Butta Handwarmers received a warm reception from his audience – plenty of people thought they were funny and a cute concept.


You can see all of Randomfrankp’s videos on his YouTube Channel or follow him on Twitter.

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