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Home Security Camera & Dock Station: Z Tech

Z Technology is a smart and simple solution to home security with tons of functionality. It turns any tablet or smartphone into a 360 degree video monitoring home security camera. It also acts as a charger for up to three devices, and has a massive built-in battery. Z Tech has all the functionality of a normal home security system, including motion detection alerts, detection zones, face recognition, and video recording.

home security camera

How the Home Security Camera works

The device comes with a corresponding mobile app available for all platforms that works as a real time alert system. It uses 360 degree rotation to give you a better view of your home while you’re away. Its intelligent sensors track unexpected motion and can signal things like an intrusion or an escaped animal. It will alert you when your child starts to make noises or moves in the crib. You can see, hear, and even speak to your children or pets.

Detection areas allow you to cover areas of the screen that you don’t want to activate an alert, such as a curtain blowing in the wind. They can be activated by drawing a mask over the areas you don’t want to trigger. The mask will remain for future recordings unless deleted.

home security camera

Z Tech is also able to recognize faces and send the names of people it sees directly to your smartphone. The time of entrance and exit will be recorded. It will alert you when it sees a stranger. Z Tech will create a time lapse video for you to view at your leisure. All of the footage and activities recorded will automatically get synced to the cloud.

Key Features

  • Charges up to three devices
  • 10,000 mAh accumulator battery
  • 360° Live Streaming Home Security Camera
  • Baby Sitter Spy Cam
  • Motion Alerts
  • Detection Zones
  • Face & Time Recognition
  • Video Summary of the Day
  • Cloud Storage

Price & Availability

Z Technology’s Kickstarter campaign runs until September 24th. Three colors are available, each priced at $59. Delivery is scheduled for December 2016. Retail price is expected to be $185.

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