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Taga 2.0: The coolest, most versatile family bike

What do you want from a family bike? Safe and comfortable to ride? Carrying two kids in the front? Fun for the little ones? Transporting pets or cargo? Taga 2.0 meets all these needs and provide much more! As a successor of the popular Taga 1.0 Bike-Stroller, Taga 2.0 is an ultimate family bike that blows your imagination with versatile functions and affordable price.

How does Taga 2.0 family bike work?

Simple at first look, Taga 2.0 has three wheels—two front, one rear—and a sturdy cargo box on the front. With ten optional accessories, Taga 2.0 offers many possibilities:family bike

  • Up to 3 Kids: Equipping with child seats, the front cargo box can carry two kids facing forwards, backwards or towards each other. A rear rack can sit the 3rd child.
  • Baby Friendly: With a car seat adapter, you can even bike with your newborn.
  • Comfort: Reclinable child seats, head rest, and optional luxury cushion for enhanced comfort.
  • Fun: Accessory bar to attach water gun and other toys for kids.
  • Rain or Sun: Sun hood and royal canopy enable additional protection and privacy.
  • E-boost: Add the E-Bike kit to make effortless
  • Foldable: Kid seats can be folded and removed. The entire bike can fit into a car trunk.
  • Pets and cargo: Easily carry pets in the cargo box or additional boxes on the top.

Where can you use it?

Taga 2.0 family bike is a reliable companion for you –no matter it is for a family weekend out in the park, weekday school pick-ups, personal errands in town, or just a stroll with your pet.

family bike

What are the key features?

family bike

Price and Timeline

Pre-order of Taga 2.0 family bike started on May 18 at Kickstarter. It has received overwhelming support from backers, achieving over a 1 million sales (1200% of goal) within three days. Although the early-bird rates are gone, you can still get the standard starting set, including a bike and a cargo box, at $649, compared to the retail price of $999. The electric starting set is $1199 for pre-order, versus $1799 for retail. The various add-ons and accessories range from $25 to $189. Shipping to backers starts from October 2016 for the standard version and December 2016 for the electric version.

To learn more or to pre-order, click the button below:


Do you want to order the in-demand Taga 1.0 bike-stroller that turns from a child-carrying bike to a regular stroller in 20 seconds? Click the button below:

family bike


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