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Nepsu Triangle speaker is customizable to your tastes and decor

Even with a wide choice of home speakers today, it is often difficult to find one that always suits your family’s tastes and decoration. The Nepsu Triangle speaker is designed to solve this problem! It is the most versatile wireless speaker on the market fully customizable to any home décor and user tastes. It features interchangeable exterior parts in multiple colors and is capable of staying in a ceiling corner, on a wall or on a table. As part of your home décor, the Triangle speaker lets you enjoy high-quality music and unique designs at the same time.

What are the key features?

  1. Interchangeable front plate

The Triangle speaker makes its front plate in nine different colors, ranging from calm white to vibrant red to natural wood patterns. You can always find a color fit your mood and décor. Each plate attaches to the speaker magnetically, so switching between plates is as easy as a breeze.

Triangle speaker

The triangle speaker also provides three colors for its acoustic cloth, three colors for cable, and two colors for its case, for you to fully customize the exterior.

  1. Multiple placement

The triangle shape enables three positions to suit your furniture arrangement and home décor. Standing on a TV table or desk, it is intimate and portable. Fitting in a top corner of the room, it reduces the space segmentation and adds an ambiophonics sound boost. Hanging up on a wall, it ignites your personalized wall art with optional decals available from the Nepsu store.

Triangle speaker

  1. Clear and natural sound

The audio elements are designed carefully to optimize the sound quality for the Triangle speaker, which offers a natural, clear, and low distortion audio experience.

Triangle speaker

  1. Multi-room function

With multiple Triangle speakers, you can set up an affordable home sound system effortlessly. Nepsu app allows you to control which song plays in which room with only a few finger touches. Triangle speaker


  1. Hands-free phone call

The triangle speaker includes a high sensitivity microphone for hands-free phone calls. Unlike other speakers with similar function, you can remove the microphone for privacy. 

Triangle speaker

How to use the Triangle speaker?

1) Customize the Triangle speaker with your favorite colors for exterior parts

2) Place the speaker at your preferred location

3) Plug in and connect your device via wireless, Bluetooth, or Aux

4) Select which song to play and where to play it

5) Sit back and enjoy!

Triangle speaker

Price and timeline

Nepsu Triangle speaker is now available for pre-order at Indiegogo. The early bird rate starts from $199 for a Triangle speaker and a wall mount, as compared to the $360 market price. Shipping to backers starts from October 2016. To learn more or to pre-order, click the button below:


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