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Preview: Awaken Portable Electric Razor

Portable Electric Razor


Clean clothes and a clean face can show a man’s confidence inside. Some men like the scruffy look, but a clean shave is preferred.

The Awaken Portable Electric Razor is convenient to use wet and dry. Fashionable and exquisite, the polishing process gives the exterior a frosted surface. The whole body is IPX7 grade waterproof. It can even function under 3 feet deep water. The magnet blade design makes it fun to use and easy to clean.  And it is only 1/3 the size of a common razor.


portable electric razor


The portable electric razor is perfect to take on the go, in the office or on a vacation. It can pass as a toy on your office desk. Small enough to fit in your pocket just take it out when you need a quick clean up.  It may be small but that doesn’t affect it’s amazing functions. (Left is before shaving, Right is after shaving)


portable electric razor



The blade is imported Japanese steel, sharp enough to cut through copper wires. The elements of the blade are S-shaped, allowing it to capture more hair. Just a few simple sweeps and my jaw is clean and ready for the day. It feels smooth and adapts to my face shape. With the portable electric razor I don’t need to worry about cutting my skin. It has a flexible head and floating shaving elements.


portable electric razor


The portable electric razor is easy to clean, the whole body is washable. The silicon bottom makes it waterproof and keeps it dust free. It includes a USB charger, to plug it in anywhere and use it anytime. When fully charged the razor can function for 45 minutes. If you use it for 1.5 minutes every time, it can last for one month without being charged again.


portable electric razor


The portable electric razor is not yet available at the Apollo Box, but will be making it’s way soon.


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