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Preview: 2 in 1 U-Shaped Pillow with Eye Mask

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It’s that time of the year again, the warm breeze is calling me to go travel!

I always pack the U-shaped pillow and eye mask wherever I go for travel, but they take up a lot of space and I have other products I want to bring with me. I feel like my suitcase is yelling for help when I stuff everything in it.


unique gift

The new 2-in-1 Travel Fast Sleep U-Shaped Pillow with Eye Mask combines the eye mask and U-shaped pillow together.  Less than half the size of a normal U-shaped pillow, it can fit in any corner of your suitcase.

It features a U-shaped pillow in the back and an eye mask in the front. Once you place it on, you can enjoy comfortable and elegant sleep. The 2-in-1 U-shaped pillow and eye mask would make a unique gift for a friend who loves to travel the world.


unique gift

You can use it on a plane or train. It will support your neck and cover your eyes. After a nice sleep, you will have the energy to go sight-seeing! No red marks on your face or aching back because you are not sleeping on your arms any more. The pillow supports your neck and protects your spine.

How convenient is it? It’s small and very light-weight. With the weight less than 1 pound, it’s lighter than an apple. Slightly bigger than a cell phone, but easily portable. Now I pack one in my bag every day. I can use it on the metro to work or during my lunch break. It is very convenient to use. I love it so much because it’s super comfortable to use.


unique gift

The secret is the filling, with Rico Hollow Tubes. Rico Hollow Tubes look like straws, but are very flexible. With great support, flexibility and food-grade safety, Rico Hollow Tubes are breathable and anti-mold. They are now widely used in pillows and cushions in Japan. Rico Hollow Tubes inside the pillow fit to the curves of your spine and support your neck naturally. Your shoulders and neck lean on the chair, your muscles are relaxed and you won’t feel any pain after you wake up.


unique gift

Every pillow comes with an extra pack of tubes. You can fill in or take out some tubes through the small zipper on the side to adjust the pillow’s firmness. Put more tubes in it, if you like a firmer pillow. Take some tubes out, if you prefer a softer pillow. The tubes are also washing machine safe, which is amazing for lazy people like me. If it gets dirty, I can simply put it in the washing machine and dry them.

The eye mask is filled with light, fluffy and very comfortable cotton velvet. When you touch it, it feels like down material. The perfect thickness makes it breathable and comfortable. Even in summer, it won’t make you sweat. For someone who is sensitive to lights, I can say it covers my eyes very well. It is useful if you want to take a nap on lunch in the office.


unique gift

The band which connects the eye mask and pillow stretches for any head shape. I don’t feel the pressure on my eyes when I put it on. The skin around your eyes is very delicate. The side directly exposed to your skin, contains yellow and white cotton knit, soft to the touch. On the outside, it uses canvas fabric which is firm, supportive and wear-resistant.

This Travel Fast Sleep U-Shaped Pillow with Eye Mask is designed by 365sleep, a company founded by Shi Yan in 2009. 365sleep is a famous brand in YiTiaoHouse. It’s cushions and sleeping pillows are popular for their great support and adjustability.


unique gift

(Above) For example, this 360°supportive neck pillow can support your jaw and the back of your head. You can always adjust the thickness according to your preference. (Below) This adjustable, breathable cushion has two invisible hands to support both sides of your waist to relax yourself on.


unique gift

This unique gift is not yet available at the Apollo Box, but will be making their way soon.

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