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9 Trendy Vases and Planters That Transition Your Home For Spring


It’s officially the first day of Spring so that means it’s time to store away all your winter decor and whip out some fresh flowers, trendy vases and planters!  Plants and flowers are the ultimate Spring accessory, so naturally fun and new vases and planters are the next staple Spring home decor piece. Adding unique vases and planters to your home will automatically make your space light, bright and ready for the season.

Scroll on to see how you can bring Spring into your home with these 9 trendy vases and planters!


Cute Vases and Planters

Cute plants and flowers deserve equally cute vases and planters.


Elodie Unicorn Planter

vases and planters

Adults and Unicorns totally go hand in hand, just saying. Give your plant babies a magical home and add some extra color in your life with Elodi! Our Elodie Planter brings a smile to everyone’s face and is a good size for small to medium household plants. Enjoy all the plant-iful goodness of container gardening and magic all at once.


Totoro Planter

vases and planters

Where is Totoro going with that sack of acorns? Home to your fairy garden! Totoro is regarded as the keeper of the forest so you can trust him with your precious flowers and plants. This cute Totoro planter comes apart so you can easily water and tend to mini plants and succulents.


Cloud Blossom Vase

vases and planters

This dreamy Cloud Blossom Vase comes dressed up with a cherry blossom corsage.  It would look perfect with some blooming roses, lavender stocks or orchids. This planter is perfectly sweet and the essence of Spring.


Ceramic Vases and Planters

Classic and timeless, these ceramic vases and planters will give your home a vintage feel and add instant charm.

Colorful Cube Succulent Pot

vases and planters

Our colorful succulent planters bring life and color to your windowsill or desk. Fill these bright, tiny pot with your favorite succulents. Collect all three styles of our colorful cube succulent pots and to create a vivid succulent garden.


Handcrafted Bottle Vase

vases and planters

The subtle color change of this handmade bottle vase makes a big and positive impact to your home decor. Showcasing a gold trim and a speckled glossy finish, these elegant handcrafted bottle vases are the essence of chic.


Mini Ceramic Planters

vases and planters

Bring the look of an outdoor burlap sack planter indoors with these stylish mini ceramic planters. These planters bring an earthy, rustic look that works for all seasons. Fill them with new flowers and sprouts during Spring and Summer, and sturdy succulents during Fall and Winter.


Unique Vases and Planters

Want to make your home feel like Spring but also want to standout from the crowd? Check out some of these unique vases and planters.


Hydroponics Glass Vase with Wood Stand

vases and planters

These hydroponic vases get a green thumbs up! Hanging glass vases are perfect for displaying blossoms and leafy ferns. The darkened wood stand and iron rod give these vases a factory-chic vibe that complements any space.


Geometric Hanging Vases

vases and planters

This trio of geometric hanging vases brings a cool, eclectic look to your home or office. Created from the same glass used for beakers and laboratory bottles, these  vases are durable and stylish.


Round Wall Planter

vases and planters

How does your garden grow? These round wall planters come in an array of colors and sizes to create an eye-catching vertical garden. Click here to see the 4 reasons why you need this wall planter.


Want to check out some more trendy vases and planters? Click here and enter the code: PLANTER at checkout for 15% off!

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